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Biker Halloween Bash at Sparks America - Sparks, Oklahoma

Written by  December 1, 2013

Witches are said to ride broomsticks. As it turns out, some ride motorcycles. So do ghosts, vampires, knights, naughty nurses, doctors (with questionable credentials), and various other costumed characters. Around Halloween, they all head for Sparks America Campground near tiny Sparks, Oklahoma for a long weekend of partying, playing games, listening to live music, and celebrating the biker lifestyle. Robert and Brenda Butler are host and hostess for these festivities and many other events at Sparks America.

The campground has a large wooded area where the office, shower house, vendors, and much of the tent camping are located. South of the vendor area, there is a large stage next to an open area commonly referred to as the Playground where most of the bike and people games are contested. Nearby is the dirt drag strip where the 100-foot drag races and tire drags take place.

The weather for the 2013 Halloween Bash was not bad considering the time of year. Nights were cold, but the temperature during the days was moderate, and the sun was out at least part of the time. There were enough games on the schedule to keep everyone entertained until late each afternoon. Friday’s lineup included slow ride practice (solo and two-up), plank ride, keg roll, keg toss (men’s and women’s), straw-in-the-bottle, drunk driving (to see how much beer or water a rider can drink while riding a short distance marked by two kegs), buff the woody, sex positions (clothed on an air mattress), potato race (substitute tennis balls for spuds), butt darts, dizzy race, 100-foot drags, and tire drags. After dark, partiers enjoyed hanging out around two bonfires while listening to live music. Some were already in costume while others chose to defer dressing up until Saturday.

Saturday morning’s bike show, as always, was put on by a group of volunteers who raise funds to fight Marfan’s Syndrome. There were lots of cool rides, and the judges did not have an easy task deciding who would take home the awards. Immediately following the bike show, games resumed with the schedule including slow ride (single and double), newlywed game, weenie bite, cherry bite, tittie licking, Twinkie eating, blind ride, tampon race, pickle licking, and quick start (while blindfolded, find your bike and get it started). There were prizes for best tattoos in several classes and longest beard.

When the games were done, chain-saw art by Woody was auctioned as a charity fund-raiser. Next was the selection of the very first Miss Sparks America who will be featured in Sparks event advertising and will travel to other rallies to help promote Sparks America. The field of competitors had been narrowed down to five based on how contestants answered several questions. In turn, without being able to hear the other contestants’ answers, each was asked what it would mean to her if she were chosen to be Miss Sparks America. After hearing their answers, audience chose the winner by their applause. Any of the five would have been a fine choice, but the winner was Biker Red, a pretty lady who has attended numerous Sparks rallies, rides her own bike, and always competes in the games. Congrats, Red!

Next was the much-anticipated drawing for a new motorcycle, a 2014 Yamaha Bolt with a special Sparks America custom paint job by Passionworks Body Shop. Everyone who had purchased a ticket to attend the party was entered, and attendance at the drawing was mandatory to win. Red’s first duty as Miss Sparks America was to draw tickets from a large drum. Tickets were drawn until there were 25 finalists on stage. All of their tickets were placed in a box, and Red reached in to pull one out. That ticket belonged to Jessi Allegre who was absolutely thrilled to be the winner. Not currently a motorcycle rider, she expressed her desire to start learning right away.

The evening activities included more live music and a costume contest with cash prizes for best men’s, best women’s, best couple or group, and most original costume. Each category filled the stage with costumed characters. Captain Spaulding (from the Rob Zombie movies), a dead doll, and a cave-couple were the winners from the first three groups. As the competitors for most original took the stage, one was dressed in ordinary clothing and carried a laptop computer. He would appear to type on the keyboard and then stomp his foot in disgust. He explained that he was a “government employee on furlough trying to enroll in Obamacare.” The audience roared its approval, and the prize was won.

Whenever an event takes place at Sparks America, it is certain that great fun is in store. The main motorcycle-oriented events are the Halloween Bash and, in June, Oklahoma Bike Week. It’s about a 700-mile round trip from my home in Kansas City. I’ve been attending Sparks events for years and have always considered it well worth the trip.


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