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Can-Am Spyders at Reno's Powersports KC - Kansas City, Missouri

Written by  June 1, 2012

On Saturday, May 5, 2012 Stripe and I rode over to Reno’s Powersports in Kansas City, Missouri as several local Can-Am Spyder riders descended on the dealership. I’d never seen so many Spyders in one place at the same time, and it was great to see such an awesome turnout.

There were Spyders there in every color, and some were highly customized with stereo systems, auxiliary lights, and custom paint. It was also apparent that Can-Am Spyders appealed to every age group. While we were there, several younger riders pulled in, as well as a few older folks who seemed to be having a great time on their Spyders.


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There was free food, a DJ, and the KC Spyder Riders also had a table setup, where riders could sign up to join their growing riders club. While we were there, we had a chance to talk to member Blake Clifton, who told us a little about their group, and was excited for the opportunity to meet several new Spyder riders.

While we were looking at all the Spyders in the parking lot, we had an opportunity to chat with a lady named Robin, who told us she had ridden several different types of motorcycles, and had decided to get a Spyder, which she truly loved.

I also had a chance to chat with Reno’s Powersports owner Steve Okenfuss, and it was apparent that he was excited about the great turnout for the event. Steve has always gone out of his way to provide us with valuable information about the new Aprilia, Ducati and Can-Am models they receive. Several of Steve’s bikes have graced the cover of our magazine, and back in 2008, Steve rode one of his new Can-Am Spyders out to Lake Jacomo so we could take some action shots of it and write up a Bike Review article. We even featured one of Steve’s Spyders on our November 2008 cover .

After chatting with a few more Spyder riders and visiting with our buddy John Munz who works in the parts department, we grabbed a hamburger and some baked beans before riding up to Harley’s & Horses in North Kansas City for the 10th Annual B.A.C.A. Bike Show. I’d like to thank Steve Okenfuss and all the great people at Reno’s Powersports for the opportunity to meet several Spyder riders and for the great food and music!

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Mike Schweder

Editor-in-Chief - Kansas City, MO

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