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Little Sahara State Park

Written by  May 1, 2004

The Little Sahara State Park, located just south of Waynoka, has 1,600 acres of dunes up to 80 feet tall. For a fee of $7 per rider per day, visitors have access to some great off-road activity. ATV’s dominate, but there are also lots of motorcycles, dune buggies, jeeps, and other off-road vehicles. Don, one of the co-owners of Little Sahara Power Sports, took a few minutes to visit with me about the park. He informed me that the Snake Hunt weekend is one of the two busiest weekends of the year and that over 15,000 off-road enthusiasts attend. Other than various parties, the only organized event is sand drag racing that takes place on Saturday afternoon. Available camping at the park ranges from primitive to full hookup.

I had ridden past the park many times, but until this year I had never stopped there. This year I decided to venture out onto the dunes on foot in search of some good photo opportunities. I soon discovered that the area within walking distance has only flats and small dunes, so I decided to make do with a few wheelie photos. As I walked back toward the entrance, I got an unexpected opportunity to hitch a ride. Rod from Neodesha, Kansas, stopped and offered to show me around in his buggy. I buckled in, and we headed out toward the taller dunes. I was amazed by the size of the area and by the height and steepness of the dunes. With so many vehicles on the sand and lots of dune jumping going on, there is definitely risk involved. Thanks to Rod, who has been visiting the dunes for ten years, I was able to add more action shots to my collection of photos. Anyone who has an ATV or some other off-road vehicle would have a blast at the Little Sahara.

By Stripe