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Dixie Bike Fest - Elko, Georgia

Written by  March 31, 2012

Dixie Bike Fest is a small rally that takes place in Elko, Georgia at the Elko Mud Boggin off of Highway 26 which leads to Hawkinsville, Georgia. When I arrived at the gate, I found many of the familiar faces such Scott Frey and Judy Defoe who help make up a bunch of great guys and gals of the CMA. They are the members of the Chapter #330 Son Riders from Warner Robins, Georgia. Most of the members are retired or members of the Warner Robins Air Force Station about thirty miles up I-75. I am always glad to see this group because I know that I can find a coffee in the morning and throughout the day. They also have on hand a jug filled with water and ice to cool you off during day when it is hot.
When I arrived early Friday morning there were not that many bikers on hand, but many of the vendors came in Thursday night to set up. A new vendor that I have not seen here before was a clown in a dunking booth. During the weekend he talked some trash with everyone and made just about everybody want to go over and see if they could knock him into the water. One vendor was selling peanuts by the bag. What was so great about buying a bag of peanuts from him was that he would give you a free beer. What most of the vendors like about coming here is that they only pay a gate fee.
I was looking forward to hearing the new band that had been playing around Georgia called the Jeff Rogers Band from Calhoun, Georgia. Steve Wiley told me that the Jeff Rogers Band played country and southern rock music. As the band was getting ready to play Friday night I went over and started talking to one of the guys sitting on stage. I asked if he was one of the band members. He told me that his name was Jeff Rogers, the lead singer of the band. Jeff told me that he wrote all the songs on his two new albums. Jeff also told me that the band has been around for the last two years playing in the Southeast mostly at biker bars and rallies. That night when the band came on stage they did not impress me one bit. When Jeff started singing and the band started playing this was an awesome group of musicians. Now I am looking forward to seeing them again.
Every Friday and Saturday after the bands stop playing everyone moves to the poolroom and bar to finish drinking and playing pool in a pool tournament. Last year I almost won this tournament purely on luck. All I was trying to do was to play pool and get out there to take some more photos. I left out early and went to bed, but the pool games lasted nearly to 5 am.
This was one of those weekends the bikers weren’t that interested in bike games but in partying. Howard Brown had the games on the schedule, and a few bikers were bitching that they wanted to call off the games. After a half hour, a few volunteered for the first event, the barrel roll contest. Then other bikers came forward to do the barrel roll just to not let him walk away with the first place trophy. The weenie bite contest is still the favorite game no matter where I go. One of the games that was played that Saturday was Ball and Cone which was won by Robby Cook and Kristen Walton. One event that was born at Dixie Bike Fest is the World Famous Thong Pull, and one of the winners of this event was also Kristen Walton. To everyone’s dismay, the ladies played Thong Pull in blue jeans and shirts. Cold weather can make a good event go bad.
At 8 p.m. on Saturday night, the band Southern Soul Band from Colbert, Georgia came on stage. Lead singer Mike Ward came jumping off the stage to everyone’s surprise and started singing, and everyone was saying “this is not county.” Mike and his band will tell you that they sing everything but country. Mike is the most energetic singer of all the bands that I have seen in a long time. Like they say, if the music is too loud, you are too old for rock music. When he brought out his bull horn while singing, the audience went wild. The lead guitarist Todd Standridge was backed up by Jason Booth. Both did an excellent job on guitar. Standing on the right side of the bandstand looking cool was Chris Reed on bass. Let’s not forget the guy hidden in the back, Mike Weaver on drums.
Dixie Bike Fest is a rally made up of friends that you have met at other rallies around the state of Georgia. To me it is like a reunion of friends getting together for the last big throw-down before the cold weather begins. Dixie Bike Fest is mostly made of country bikers that like country music. I guess at this rally Steve and Howard were trying to bring in rock music for the young bikers that attended.
Dixie Bike Fest has all the ear marks of a big rally such as bike games, bike show, and music, and don’t forget the women. I can tell you that the first time you join the crowd at Elko, Georgia you will have your doubts about coming back. Once you get to know everyone, you can’t wait for the next rally. This is one rally that is so laid back you wonder if anything is happening. So next year bring you beer and your best girl and join me at the Dixie Bike Fest.
Tommy “Brother Bear” Pittard