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2012 Polar Bear Ride - Blue Springs, Missouri

Written by  January 31, 2012

Every year, the Greater Kansas City Chapter of H.O.G. schedules a January 1 ride referred to as the Polar Bear Ride. The name is often appropriate, since frigid winter weather has normally established itself in the Midwest by the time New Year’s Day rolls around. There have been many years when the ride had to be postponed due to icy roads. Happily, that was not the case for the first day of 2012. The year 2011 had ended with an amazingly warm day with the temperature reaching the upper fifties. New Year’s Day was about 10 degrees cooler and a bit windy but still unseasonably warm.

When I arrived at Blue Springs Harley-Davidson about an hour before the ride was to begin, quite a few bikes were already lined up and ready to go. As riders arrived, they checked in with Activities Officer Amy Both or Membership Secretary Kim Blystone. Chapter members presented their membership cards, and guests signed liability release forms. Event patches and/or year 2012 rockers would be presented later at the end of the ride.

As departure time approached, Chapter Director Woody Simpson gave a briefing on safety precautions and the route from the dealership to Ernie's Steakhouse in Sugar Creek. Bike count was 79, and nearly 100 riders and passengers and at least one canine passenger participated. It was a short ride of only about 20 miles, but it was a good one. Traffic was light as the bikes rumbled through a mostly rural area on the way to Sugar Creek. Since there had not yet been a snowstorm in the Kansas City area, the normal hazard presented by residual sand, salt, and chemicals on the roads was not a concern. A parking area across the street from Ernie’s was large enough to accommodate all of the motorcycles, and all of the participants were able to squeeze into the restaurant to enjoy lunch. Riding and dining with friends is a great way to kickstart a new year. More information about G.K.C. H.O.G. is available on their website and Facebook page.

Article and photos by Stripe