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Three Texas Rallies in Three Weeks

Written by  November 30, 2011

Our first rally found my wife and me at Ken Smith’s BIKERS facility about five miles west of Springtown, Texas. Ken has a slick operation here with a large outside area with covered picnic tables, bandstand, and outside dance floor. Completing the arrangement is Chris Gossett and American Motorcycle Services in the onsite garage, Christina Evartt in the Leather Shop and Tandy Dunavin heading up Lazy D BBQ.
This week’s rally was for a local man with prostate cancer who was not doing well physically or financially. Over a thousand dollars was raised to assist him, his wife, and two children through this trying time.
Providing the entertainment for the riders was guitarist Billy Blaze opening for The Hub City Band with Steve Bachman.

Our second rally found us 75miles away in Grapevine, Texas for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Run and Rally. My wife and her sister Bonnie brought the cage to transport the grandkids who both love motorcycles. This ride hit a personal note for me because for the first time in several years, my daughter Heidi rode with me in a rally. My daughter is an adult brain tumor survivor who has recently completed yet another bout of debilitating radiation therapy. We rode in the parade at the front as VIPs with the other children and adults. This year all the kids who wanted to ride had the opportunity, with no shortage of volunteers to assist the kids. The run was smooth from start to finish. Well organized and police escorted, the entire route was close to 50 miles. We were fed breakfast and lunch and watched the awards ceremony for donations and had a chance to hear from several of the children with tumors and the adults that have survived. The bikes were too numerous to count and of every size, shape and, description. A total of $156,749.30 was raised by the riders and donors for this very worthy cause. However, when it was all said and done, it was the kids who were the heroes; I have never heard so many touching stories of struggle and survival. May God bless them all.

The third ride found us back at Bikers for an all purpose party that featured all of the regulars plus more food provided by Larry Wells and yet another band Cowboy Bob. These rallies are averaging about 130 bikes, and I see this number climbing as word spreads.

Logged miles for the three rallies was over 400 miles, which is about 200 miles short of our normal mileage for the same period. This month was special though because I had the privilege of having my daughter on board and hopefully we will have the opportunity to do it again soon.

By Michael Lousha - Ride Safe