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Cover Model Search Winner Alana

Written by  October 31, 2011

Alana is from Overland Park, Kansas, and was the winner of our Cover Model Search at Rawhide Harley-Davidson in Olathe, Kansas, and will be photographed for an upcoming cover.

Alana works in sales at Rawhide Harley-Davidson, and when asked about her ambitions, she told us “I soon want to grow in my Cosmetology Career, pursue more modeling, and possibly my newest ambition acting. I also have a really silly one too, in which I want to someday travel in a hot air balloon.” As far as hobbies go, Alana said “I love being outside, so I enjoy running, biking, RIDING for sure...and blowing bubbles! Ha, Ha!” When asked what turns her on, she said “OHH LA LA….I never kiss and tell….but soft lips are a must, and I love my hair being touched.” On the flip-side, Alana said men who are all about themselves are a real turnoff. “Come on guys, get with it!” Alana admits that she’s a sucker for bad boys, tattoos, and dark eyes. She describes her personality as “A WILD CHILD… I’m very sassy and super goofy. I love to have fun and live it how I see it!”

Just for fun, we asked Alana to share some of her favorite things with our readers:

Favorite color: Lime green.

Favorite food: Sushi and mashed potatoes.

Favorite drinks (non-alcoholic): Raspberry Tea.

Favorite drink (alcoholic): Jack Daniels Please!!!

Favorite restaurant: Bonefish Grill…LOVE the clam chowder.

Favorite actor: Russell Brand.

Favorite actress: Marilyn Monroe.

Favorite TV show: Sons of Anarchy LOVE IT!

Favorite movie: Sucker Punch.

Favorite bands: I listen to anything and everything I can dance and sing to…ROCK all the way!

Do you have pets? No, but I really want an English Bulldog.

Do you ride? Yes every chance I get!

Do you own your own bike? Not yet but that day is coming very soon!

What is your dream bike? A custom deep purple Black Line or DYNA… I might be small, but I want to look like a bad ass on a bigger bike!

Which is your favorite bike night location? Rawhide Harley-Davidson… it’s the best dealership in the country. The people there are amazing, and they always take care of you with a smile.
Tell us about your tattoos, and which is your favorite? I have three tattoos. Two are on my arm, which says “Love” in Japanese. I also have “Amore Uccied Lentemente,” which means love kills slowly, with a rose in the middle. My fav is on my ribs. It’s simply amazing, and says “Not here for a long time just here for along time…many more to come.”
Who is your favorite tattoo artist? Big Mike at Aftershock Tattoo in Olathe, Kansas. He’s amazing, and has done all my work. I wouldn’t dream of anyone else doing my work.

Thanks for the interview Alana.
Interview by Mike Schweder
Photos by Doc Lonnie Blum