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10th Annual 9-11 Tribute Rally and Ride - Grandview, Missouri

Written by  October 31, 2011

For me, Tuesday, September 11, 2001, began as just another routine day at the office. Then I got a call from a good friend, a Kansas City area resident who grew up in New York City. He was watching the news on television and was the first to inform me that one of the World Trade Center towers had been hit by an airliner. Coworkers were also getting calls, and soon began to gather at cubes where portable radios were available to follow the news of the incredible, tragic developments. The decision was soon made to send everyone home. Before the day was over, both towers would lie in ruins at Ground Zero, the Pentagon would also suffer an attack, and a fourth aircraft, United Flight 93, would crash in Pennsylvania, all part of an attempt by Al-Qaeda to bring the greatest country in the world to its knees. They failed! Nearly 3,000 people, mostly Americans, were killed, but the American spirit and resolve to preserve freedom and fight terrorism lived on. Those who were lost will always be remembered. The heroism of those who forfeited their lives in the attempt to save others will never be forgotten.

Thousands of motorcyclists gathered at Gail’s Harley-Davidson in Grandview, Missouri, on Saturday, September 10, to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks and to honor veterans and people who currently serve in the military, law enforcement, and emergency services. The parking lot in front of the dealership was filled with booths of vendors and charities. Food and commemorative T-shirts were sold to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project . Some very impressive military equipment was exhibited, and soldiers from the 603rd Military Police Company headquartered in Belton were on hand to show off their hardware including an M1083 5-ton truck, an armored security vehicle (ASV), a light medium tactical vehicle (LMTV), high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWV) better know as Humvees or Hummers, and a massive artillery piece. One soldier proudly displayed his Harley Shovelhead with stars and stripes paint.

Another impressive display was the New Glory Flag Bike . Whether parked or roaring down the highway, this bike gets plenty of attention as it flies more than 40 American flags of various sizes. It's an awesome example of patriotic spirit!

A Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter from the Missouri National Guard’s 1-135th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion based at Whiteman Air Force Base flew in for the event. Tall trees and power lines surrounded the landing area in the lower parking lot, but the pilot handled the approach and landing with ease. As soon as the rotors stopped spinning, the helicopter was immediately surrounded by a crowd of spectators eager to get a closer look at the aircraft and meet its crew. Cycle Connections editor Mike Schweder and videographer Randall “Sea Hawk” Hauk shot video of the arrival that can be viewed