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Suuueee…Calling All HOGs to Riders Harley-Davidson

Written by  November 30, 2005

All of the Hogs were called in to play at Riders Harley-Davidson in Trussville, Alabama on Saturday, October 22. Although the weather was a little cool that morning, it didn’t stop people from coming out to enjoy the day, and by the afternoon, it had warmed up quite nicely, which made it a little better for standing outside listening to the band “The Breaking Point” where Pat “Sticks” Wise was allowed to sit in and play drums on one song. I was impressed—she really held her own with the guys and sounded pretty damn good. You go girl!

Inside, Tim Peek and the gang welcomed the Hogs, as well as everyone else to a sale on most everything in the store. And who doesn’t like a good sale? Susan McKinney and Sandra Kinard were in charge of the door prizes and 50/50 tickets. I think they just wanted to be close to the “cutie” who was modeling the Willy G. autographed vest that was to be raffled off. They also had the Harley drag bike on display. We told Tim he needed to put some water down in the parking lot and take it out for a burn-out! That wasn’t going to happen. But he did let Stewart and Danny take it out and fire that bad boy up! It was awesome!

Outside they had pin-striping going on in one corner, grilling in another, and Shawnie Woodley with her Chair Massage and Stewart’s Upholstery sewing on patches.

Late in the afternoon we were treated to a fun fashion show. I didn’t participate this time. I left that up to some of my “buds” like my shoe buddy, Kay, and the P.J kids, Dale and Jena.
The show was, as always, a lot of fun to watch.

The party went on late into the night, and with the change of tempo came a change in bands as the Live Wire band cranked it on up for all of the night owls to boogie on! Thanks again for another cool party guys!

Write-On and Ride-On
Story and Photos by Lynn Reynolds and
Leigh Lilly - Birmingham, Alabama