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“Harleyween” Southern Style at Heart of Dixie Harley-Davidson

Written by  November 30, 2005

The inmates were running the asylum Halloween weekend at the Heart of Dixie Harley-Davidson in Pelham, Alabama. Since we were headed out amongst the weird and unusual, I decided to be Stevie Nicks and Leigh was a just an ole biker dude.

We arrived at Heart of Dixie around 7 p.m. It was quite chilly out so we drove like most everyone else did. It was going to be a little hard to put leathers on over the dress and heels. This was a way freaky bunch that we came to party with. And we loved it!

From the time we went up to the general manager Jerry Payne to say hi and let him know we would be blending in with the fruit loops to get some good evidence, I mean pictures, we were made to feel like we belonged. That’s kind of a scary thought now that I think back on it! Jerry showed us where all of the pertinent party items were, like the best liquid warming material and the RESTROOMS. We checked out the food table(s), but there was just too much going on to linger there for too long.

There were some damn good tunes coming from the Driving While Blind band all night long. I think they were being entertained by all of us as well. They also helped with the cakewalk. There was a huge assortment of fattening goodies, like brownies, cookies, and of course, cakes. It took awhile to give them all out, but everyone seemed to have a blast doing so.

We saw some very creative costumes. Right off we spotted our shoe buddy, Kay Houk, and her husband Brian. And as usual, she was wearing some killer heels and not much else. But it looked damn good on you girl! She was “Nurse Naughty.” Brian was “Dr. Feel Good.” I was asked by one of the wives to pose with her and a few others’ husbands for a picture. The Ghoul that was to my right turned out to be the H.O.G chapter’s Webmaster, Mike Gay. I just think that sounds so cool---Webmaster! Back to the Ghouls, Leigh and I were asked to pick 10 of the costumes to participate in the contest. That was a little hard to do. There were just so many freaks, ghouls, weirdoes and cuties.

Among other things, there was “Bad Santa” who liked chasing “Dirty Girl,” “Sexy Sheriff Bean,” a “Brownie Girl Scout”, (uh huh-yeah right), the 60’s “Hippies w/Peace Love,” “Private Parts,” and the “HOG Beast.” The “Escaped Inmate (from the asylum) leading the pack was Jerry Payne. The owner of the Heart of Dixie, as well as Riders Harley-Davidson, Bill Peek, was there to enjoy the party, but not to become one of the inmates.

As much as “Sheriff Bean” tried to sway the masses into seeing her good side, she couldn’t quite manage to pull the support away from the “Ghoul” couple, Mike and Christy Gay. They made such a lovely couple, 100 years ago! But let’s face it—they were starting to get a little dusty waiting around to win the costume contest.

Mr. Ken Martin won the 50/50 drawing to take home a little cash for the night, or should I say for Mrs. ”Little Jane Riding Hood” Martin to take home.

Bill Peek spared no expense for this party to see that we were all well fed, entertained, and warm.
There was a fireplace, with a nice fire roaring for people to gather around, as well as a few large propane heaters. All of the employees stayed and dressed for the occasion. You would not meet a nicer bunch of folks than these guys and girls!

When they started putting the tables together to dance on, we knew the party had just been kicked up a notch! BAMM! As much fun as we had this Harleyween, we were told that next year they will be in a brand new larger building, and the party should grow with their new growth.

When we finally got away, it was too late to go by the Riders Harley-Davidson Harleyween party like we had originally planned, but we were told we missed a hell of a party! Therefore, we requested some Harleyween party pictures from the Birmingham H.O.G website to share with you.

Hope all of you had a Happy Harleyween!

Write-On and Ride-On
Story and Photos by Lynn Reynolds and
Leigh Lilly - Birmingham, Alabama