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AHRMA at Barber Motorsports Park – Birmingham, Alabama

Written by  November 30, 2005

Barber Motorsports Park hosted their final event of the season the weekend before Halloween with the AHRMA. The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association is a member-owned, non-profit organization, and they were back at Barber’s to close out their 2005 racing season.

The weekend featured a variety of vintage motorcycles competing in various classes. There was also a field of parts as well as several vintage bikes for sale at the swap meet that went on all weekend.

We missed Friday but were there for Saturday’s and Sunday’s races. When we got there Saturday we came up on the vintage bike show where they had enlisted fans to walk around and judge the bikes. That was a job I would not have wanted. All of them were pretty much first place winners as far as we were concerned.

There were many classes, and bikes were clearly marked as to their age, starting with “before 1920.” How cool is that? Some of the old military bikes looked like they had just come back from the Army, and the soldier just stepped off of it. No frills, no bling, no wash job! We had surely stepped back in time! I teased Leigh when we came up on one of them and said, “what a piece of sh*t.” I thought he would come unglued! Needless to say, I haven’t heard the end of that. One man’s trash… In all honesty, they were all a piece of art. They all were beautiful! We could not believe that they were racing these grand ole bikes. It was wild to watch. There were several races each day with each race having various styles of vintage bikes.

The swap meet was a sea of endless possibilities, parts and pieces, hopes and dreams. The place was packed, not only with local people, but also with many from out of town. We saw a good many bikes at several of the hotels, but maybe not quite as many as when the AMA super bikes are in town. The real tell was in the parking areas at Barbers, both in the fans and the vendors. We saw tags from as far away as Manitoba, Canada. That must have been a trip! There were people from New Mexico, Michigan, and many others. It was amazing. The drawing power of Vintage!

I think that with the success of this fascinating weekend at the beautiful facility here at Barber Motorsports Park, we will surely have more of these events to look forward to in the future.

A special thanks to Sabrina Buska for all of your help.

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Story and Photos by Lynn Reynolds & Leigh Lilly:
Lynn Reynolds and
Leigh Lilly - Birmingham, Alabama