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Hawg Wyld 5th Annual Birthday Bash/Block Party

Written by  October 31, 2005

Hawg Wyld finally caught a break from the weather gods for a change. Beautiful weather was on tap with no rain in sight as I headed out to attend the Hawg Wyld 5th Annual Birthday Bash/Block Party, 1st Annual BBQ Cook Off and Ride-In Bike Show. The event was held Saturday September 24 from 10 a.m. to 3 pm. When Tom Talley, owner of Hawg Wyld, puts on a party, you can rest assured that it will be more than worth your time.

This year’s event added a twist from the previous events as event organizers Jimmy Evans and Tony Tosatto from Pistonhead Performance Productions added a barbecue contest to this year’s festivity. All in attendance eagerly provided judging for the barbecue.

The local band Allied Saints provided musical entertainment. I had never had the pleasure to hear them before and I was truly wowed.

The bikes entered into the bike contest were lined up on the street directly in front of Hawg Wyld allowing passersby to get an unobstructed view before casting ballots for their favorite.

If your bike was too dirty to show when you arrived, two young ladies in bikinis were on hand to shine up your scooter. As I strolled around taking in the sights, I saw the boys from the Abby Lou Foundation were on hand selling tickets for the incredible blue chopper their wonderful organization is giving away in December. Tom and the crew at Hawg Wyld outdid themselves on the build of this bike.

Carl and Patty from the American Bikers Relief Fund were also on hand raffling off a cool mini chopper for their organization. The little chopper resembled a small version of the Orange County Choppers “Spider Bike” so of course I had to spring for some chances for the young biker in my house.

All during the day raffle tickets were being sold. After looking at the spread of prizes available, I bought some tickets myself. Boy, I am glad I did. I won twice as did several others. This does not mean I am extra lucky, it means Tom donated a huge amount of prizes.

It has been a pleasure to include Tom and Hawg Wyld in our list of advertisers and supporters. I have no doubt as to his continued success and look forward to the 6th anniversary event.

Winners of the BBQ contest were as follows:

Grand Champion:
Family Affair

Grand Reserve:
S&M Smoking

Peoples Choice:
Butt Busters

1st: S&M Smoking
2nd: Family Affair
3rd: Butt Busters
4th: Husker Fanatic Backyard BBQ-R’s
5th: Summit Publications
6th: A.T. Smoking Choppers

1st: S&M Smoking
2nd: A.T. Smoking Choppers
3rd: Husker Fanatic Backyard BBQ-R’s
4th: Summit Publications
5th: Butt Busters
6th: Family Affair

1st: Husker Fanatic Backyard BBQ-R’s
2nd: Family Affair
3rd: Butt Busters
4th: A.T. Smoking Choppers
5th: S&M Smoking
6th: Summit Publications

1st: Family Affair
2nd: Butt Busters
3rd: S&M Smoking
4th: A.T. Smoking Choppers
5th: Husker Fanatic Backyard BBQ-R’s
6th: Summit Publications

Winners of the bike show were as follows:

1st: Alan Stiles
2nd: Tony

1st: Pete Willis
2nd: Wally
3rd: Sam

1st: Jim Testerman
2nd: Jimmy Evans
3rd: William Holt

1st: John Aquino
2nd: Ken Starr
3rd: Buddy

1st: Sonny Norris
2nd: Rick Whyle
3rd: John Stevens

1st: Leonard Filley
2nd: Conrad Snow
3rd: David Miller

Special Construction:
1st: Chance

Story by Loney and
Stephanie Wilcoxson

Photos by Loney Wilcoxson, Stripe and Mike Schweder