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Sturgis 2005 - A Visit to Angieland

Written by  August 31, 2005

Every year during the Sturgis Rally, thousands of bikers converge on the Full Throttle Saloon. Spread over more than 27 acres, it’s known as the “world’s largest biker bar.” The Full Throttle features great concerts and other stage shows, the Chop Lot display area, lots of vendors, side-by-side burnout pits, a mechanical bull, and over 18 bars. It’s also the home of Angieland where bikers come from far and wide to pose for photographs with Angie’s incredible derriere perched lightly on their heads. Angie’s bodacious backside has graced the pages of numerous biker magazines and has been seen in biker videos worldwide. Angie is most frequently photographed from behind, but those who have seen her know she looks terrific from any angle. During this year’s Rally, I had the rare opportunity to interview Angie, and I discovered that she’s charming and as friendly person-to-person as she is on her Angieland stage.

CC: Is Angie your real name?
Angie: Yes, it really is Angie. I’m Angela Marie, but I go by Angie. That’s what everybody calls me.

CC: Please tell me a little bit about yourself.
Angie: I’m 29 years old. I’m 5 foot, 4 inches tall and weigh about 120 pounds. I have brown eyes.

CC: Are you a native of Sturgis?
Angie: Yes, I was born and raised here. I went to my first rally when I was two months old, so this one is my 29th. I still live in Sturgis near the hospital.

CC: How did Angieland get started?
Angie: It started kind of by accident, and then we organized it into a marketing plan. My first year that I worked at the Rally, I was at the Sidehack Saloon on Lazelle. I wore a thong bikini, of course. One of the bikers just asked if I could pose with him so that my thong would show in the picture. I said, “Well, I could just sit on your shoulder.” People thought that was cool, but one wanted to know if I could do better yet, so I said, “O.K. Let me sit on your head. The idea was a hit, and I soon had a line going out of the Sidehack and down Lazelle waiting to get photos with that pose. After that I was talking with Junior, my best friend at the time and my boyfriend now, about how there are so many beautiful women tending bar in Sturgis and how that pose could make me stand out from the rest and make people want to come and see me. We developed a marketing scheme, and I took it to Mike Ballard at the Full Throttle Saloon. All I said was that I wanted to have Angieland here. Before I even explained our ideas he said, “O.K., you can have it.” I’ve been here for five years.

CC: Mike obviously understands the value of marketing. How long has your big-ass Angieland poster been here?
Angie: It’s been here from the start. Mike knew an airbrush artist. He came here and hung the giant banner over the main stage, and I posed.

CC: You’re a Sturgis icon. How does that feel?
Angie: It’s awesome! I love it. It’s absolutely fabulous. I adore it.

CC: Do lots of guys come on to you or try to pick you up?
Angie: No, it’s not like that. What’s really crazy about Angieland is that it’s not like anything sexual. It’s just fun! It’s like an adult playground. People tell me they appreciate how hard I’m working and how great it is to have their picture taken with me.

CC: Is there an Angie fan club? I would join.
Angie: Not yet, but that’s an idea. I get a lot of e-mail. People e-mail before the Rally to make sure I’m going to be at the Throttle. I love getting e-mail! I check it religiously and answer as soon as I can.

CC: Cool! I’ll send you one as soon as I get home. I see you have Angieland posters and other merchandise for sale.
Angie: Yes, my “Life’s All About the Ass!” posters are something new this year. If they just want a poster it’s $5, but if they buy some of my merchandise or give me a nice tip for a photo, I’ll throw in an autographed poster. I have women’s string tank tops, men’s T-shirts, shorts, pony shorts, and , of course, thong underwear. All of my merchandise has my motto, “Life’s All About the Ass!”

CC: If it’s not too personal, how did you develop those famous cheeks?
Angie: Actually, I own a dance company, so I’m dancing all of the time.

CC: Do people request poses other than the standard “butthead?”
Angie: Some like profiles or muscle-flex poses, but mostly I’m sittin’ on heads.

CC: What kind of hours do you work during the Sturgis Rally?
Angie: Anywhere from 17 to 21 hours a day, because I also work as a graphic artist for the Full Throttle. I work on material for our magazine and our billboards all year long. I write articles as well as doing artwork.

CC: Do you work at other rallies?
Angie: Yes, I go wherever Full Throttle goes so I’ve been to Daytona, Milwaukee, Dallas, and Biketoberfest. We’re looking at doing Myrtle Beach and other places.

CC: It’s the same drill at every location?
Angie: Oh, yeah. Sittin’ on heads and sellin’ beer!

CC: Do you have a website?
Angie: It’s actually a page on the Full Throttle Saloon website. There’s a button that says, “Take me to Angieland.”

CC: What’s your e-mail address?
Angie: It’s This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I more than welcome pictures people e-mail me for the website. I did a photo shoot, and I’ll have photos of me that people can order on line as well as my other merchandise. I’ll be all over the country this year doing Easyriders shows as well, and my merchandise will be available there.

CC: I noticed you were involved with the Biker/Penthouse show last year.
Angie: Yes, that was really fun! Penthouse even asked me to be in their magazine.

CC: Any you said…???
Angie: NO!. I’m not ready for that right now, but that my change. I’m always going to look at my options. If the right modeling deal comes up, I’ll go for it.

CC: Angie, thanks for taking the time to visit with me and pose for a few photos.

And now, a composition by Angie:

Life’s All About the Ass!

Whether you’re:
Smootchin’ It,
Pinchin’ It,
Patting It,
Spankin’ It,
Loving It,
Hittin’ It,
Hating It,
Whoppin’ It,
Working It Off,
Or Just Sitting On It,
Acing like It,
Or putting up with it!

Never the Less,

Story and Photos by Stripe