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Soul Brothers 3rd Annual Drag Race at KCIR

Written by  July 31, 2005

After last year spending two full days of breathing the avgas and the alcohol-based fuel, I was very eager to get back down to KCIR Speedway for the 3rd Annual Soul Brothers Drag Racing Series. I woke up to an 80-degree day with 75 percent humidity. Wow! Not a great start for racing, but I went along for the complete ride this year.

I met up with Darwin Barnett and his lovely wife Mary at the motor home. I knew this would be a great base-camp to set up my laptop for the picture downloads. I have never been so excited to return to an action-packed event like this with so many talented riders and crew members. I staged myself about 60 yards from the starting lines and fired as many pictures as I possibly could. With the weather and sun against me I am glad that I had my trusty hat on that day.

Mary had displayed the trophies in front of the motor home with style and grace, while Darwin was tending to the admission booth. After the qualifying passes, my old friend Todd Hill and I jumped into his car and went to get our friends some Subway sandwiches. This was the only time I had to eat. Walking around and greeting the fellow riders, I noticed a few from last year who were well rested and ready to run like Derrick Gibson, Carl Criswell of the Zodiacs, and Andre Taylor of Shrout’s Power Sports.
Janie Palm of St. Louis was back this year and riding a Hayabusa this time. I was very impressed with the way she rode that Suzuki; that is a big jump, but she handled herself very well.

I spent quite a lot of time with Rod Mansaw this year; he was Darwin’s rider of the Gold Suzuki, and his best time of the day was a 7.68 at 186 mph. I spoke with Tommy Bolton (engine builder) and his comment back to me was “we are experimenting with a new nitrous system, and this bike will run a 7 second quarter mile.”

Mark Warmington won the 8.90 class, and Mark and I spent a lot of time talking this past winter. He has really evolved into the alcohol fuel class, and it obviously paid off this summer—great job!

Jay Dashall won the street bike shootout. Actually he was the only one in that class this year. At the trophy line Jay was there to get his trophy and payout. He refused the total winnings and only wanted the trophy, a picture and 50 bucks. Darwin and I both agreed that he is the MVP of the race and appreciate Jay and his wife for being true to this sport. We at Cycle Connections applaud you both!

Derrick Gibson of Gibson Racing was back with his award-winning old school GSXR; he ended up winning the 8.20 class (again). I told Derek that all I need to do is just keep changing the picture date year after year! Way to go.

I was really excited about the turnout this year. Everyone who I spoke with was so very compassionate and just flat out laid back! Even though racing is a very expensive sport and there is no guarantee you will make it big, you now know why Darwin Barnett loves the sport!

Below are the winners of this year’s event.
Quick 16 Final:
Rod Mansaw – Missouri
Street Quick 16:
Rod Mansaw - Missouri
Street Bike:
Jay Dashall – Kansas (MVP)
Derek Gibson - Missouri