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KC Creations 10th Anniversary Party

Written by  July 31, 2005

Is it hotter in the summer in the city or colder in the winter in the country? You are probably asking yourself where the hell is he going with this. Read on, o’ faithful reader and you will understand. The above question is just a little bit of redneck witticism from my home town. The question is meant to stymie you, as there is no correct answer. I believed this to be true until June 25, 2005. I now know it is much hotter in the summer in the city. Stephanie and I were on hand to cover KC Creations 10th anniversary party held in conjunction with the 6th annual Ride for Special Children. We arrived at Kim and Cheryl Suter’s place early to help our fearless editor Mike “I’m running a little late” Schweder set up the Cycle Connections booth. After setting up the booth we were already sweating profusely—not a good sign at 10 a.m. We proceeded to track down our hosts.

Cheryl as usual was moving at light speed attending to every detail, while Kim was readying himself for his weekly broadcast of the Big Inch Bikes Radio Show. We did manage to get them corralled long enough to get their picture in front of the gorgeous KC Creations bike hauler trailer. We then made our way over to the Big Dog Motorcycle trailer and checked out an amazing array of factory customs. By this time we were getting hungry so we decided to check out the chow tables where a great complimentary barbecue meal took care of our hunger pangs. By now we were overheated to the point that the air-conditioned show room began calling our names. For those of you who have never seen the type of sleek machines KC Creations builds, you owe it to yourself to check them out right away. After drooling over bikes for way too long it was back outside to check out Scott Thomas putting on a pin-striping demo along with an airbrush demo by John Nicholas. These guys have skills! We ran into another big time Kansas City painter Tommy “Too Much” Martin. I finally got him to stay in one place long enough to get a few shots of his wicked chopper. With the ability Tommy has you’d think his bike would be a rolling mural right? Wrong, flat black is the color of choice, and I personally think it kicks ass. A bike painted to ride, not to look at.

The sounds of music led us to the tent where our old friends from the Bob Harvey Band were warming up. Bob, Paul, & Chad rocked of course; they always do. We spent a little more time checking out the vendors and talking with friends before heading back to the Cycle Connections booth. The girls in the neighboring bikini bike wash area looked to be the only ones not bothered by the heat. Our star editor was busy making his radio debut so we kept moving. Kansas City Chiefs star wide receiver Eddie Kennison was rolling up on a fine looking chopper so we managed to get a few shots of him before the crowd swarmed around.

We had a previous engagement to attend that prevented us from taking part in the Ride For Special Children, so fellow Cycle Connections photojournalist Nic volunteered for the ride. Before we left, we did get to meet the ride organizer Jimmy Jack Clayton and his wonderful son Ted Clayton. Jimmy Jack is probably one of the most inspirational people I have had the pleasure to meet. His son Ted is a truly special child. One smile from him and the heart of the toughest biker would melt in seconds. Jimmy Jack let us in on the plans for next year’s ride and it sounds great—breakfast followed by a ride then back to KC Creations for BBQ and an afternoon of festivities. Be sure to make plans to attend.
Support a hometown business and do something good for a most worthy cause.

By Loney and
Stephanie Wilcoxson