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Dothan Bikefest – Alabama’s Largest Motorcycle Event!

Written by  April 30, 2005

You know, it just isn't a bike rally until people start showing skin and getting wet and Messy! We found that and more down in Dothan, Alabama the weekend of April 8, at the Dothan Bikefest, which is Alabama's largest bike rally!

We had originally set out for this experience back in the fall, for what is now lovingly referred to as "Rainfest." It rained day and night for three days, but there was still one hell of a lot of fun to be had if you were staying in the campground, which we weren't.

Twenty dollars gets you into the Rally for a weekend and primitive camping. We decided to try again for the Spring Rally. I checked into renting a camper for the weekend, but $130 for a room for the weekend at one of the host hotels won out over the $800 camper. We stayed at the Day's Inn, where they had very nice rooms and are very biker friendly. There was plenty of parking and a huge grass area for our bulldog "Harley Jane."

It was raining when we left, and rain was expected for the whole trip, but by the time we got there and settled in, it had stopped raining. We decided to head on up to the rally site to get our arm bands and meet up with the event organizer "Mr. Big Daddy” himself, Imri Vali. Cool name huh? He is a super nice guy and his kids help out at the rally. This is the 5th year for the Dothan Bikefest spring and fall rallies. Imri also has other rallies in Georgia, and we discovered that he is also the person we have been getting our Thunder Beach T-shirts from for the past three years, where he sets up at the Beach Hawg in Panama City Beach for the Thunder Beach Rallies.

We had to stop and eat buffalo shrimp at Hooters, and we found out that the Dothan Hooters has a pretty large Bike night on Tuesdays, I believe.

On Friday, the weather started to clear just in time as more people were coming into town.
On the way to the rally, we had to stop and check out the Dothan Harley shop. They have a pretty nice store, and among other things, they have a large selection of infant and little dog clothes.

The Rally is held at the Agriculture center, which is pretty big. There's a large covered arena with bleachers on both sides, and a stage for the bands and awards. They even had a bar set up just inside the door. It was pretty cool, because you could just ride your bike in and out, and sit on it to listen to the band. And speaking of bands, Ketch 22 and D.B Bryant rocked the house for the entire weekend!

The campground started filling up, and there were several large,” diverse" groups, but everyone got along well together all weekend, and we found out that several of the groups were helping with the events.

There were plenty of motorcycle accessory and clothing vendors, as well as several food vendors, and of course a bar! At midnight we were treated to a wet T-shirt contest. It was a little cool out, so most of us were leathered up, but that didn't cool off the contest at all! The Wet T-shirt contest ended up not having much at all to do with T-shirt (well, maybe the wet part), but it was more of a best boobs contest. It was a hoot, and everyone had a blast!

By Saturday, the weather was great, and the place was full as even more people had come to play. There were people from all around and out of state. Some people headed out for a day trip to the beach, which wasn't that far of a ride. We however, were memorized by the Geared Up Motorcycle Stunt Team. These guys are nuts! They would zip up and down the road on the side of their bikes, on top of their bikes, on the front tires, on the back tires, doing burnouts and donuts. We were just standing there in awe.

There was a free ride-in bike show that was pretty cool, with a wide assortment of bikes, and trophies were awarded to the winners. There was also a tattoo contest for both men and women. They even broke the contest down into body parts such as the best leg, best back, best arm, and best overall! We laughed so hard—it was hilarious!

A little later in the evening was the pudding wrestling contest. I have to admit that we have never seen pudding wrestling before. This was one of the funniest, nastiest things I think I've ever seen. They passed around a hat to collect money to entice the women to put on mens white boxer shorts and a white T-shirt and wrestle in chocolate pudding. They raised a little over $350 for the winner. I t was scheduled for one fall, which we thought should be for more, until they started and we realized if it went much further, some might take it from fun and funny to serious and real. As it was, it was just real funny and messy, with only a few getting a little perturbed. You could tell that the campground was going to be "kicking it" all night!

The Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) delivered the service Sunday morning to round off the weekend, and everyone had a great time, with plenty of fun for everyone!. We had great weather, met great people, had great riding plus there were plenty of killer bikes to look at all weekend.

So if you missed this fun spring rally, we hope you can make it to the fall rally. We are headed to the beach for Thunder Beach the last weekend of April, so we hope to see you there!

So until then, keep the chrome side up and we wish happy and safe riding to you and yours!

Write on & Ride on!

Story and photos by Lynn Reynolds and
Leigh Lilly