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21st Annual Snake Saturday Parade

Written by  March 31, 2005

On Saturday morning, March 12, the Cycle Connections crew, several of our readers, advertisers and riding buddies, got up at the crack of dawn to ride in the 21st Annual Snake Saturday Parade in North Kansas City, Missouri. We were delighted that several Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) members also showed up to ride with us.

The night before the parade, Frank Hicks of F.O.G. Cycles and Knuckleheads Saloon let us finish building our float in his garage so we wouldn't have too far to pull our float the next morning. Our parade entry consisted of 21 bikes and a green Chevy Tahoe pulling an 18' flatbed trailer that we had converted into a float. On the float we had a dark green Harley-Davidson Super Glide with light green flames, an oversized leprechaun with a green beard, the leprechaun's wife, several attractive leprechaunettes, and our resident DJ, The Big Kahuna, who cranked out great biker tunes throughout the entire parade route. Our entry also doubled as a moving billboard by attaching Cycle Connections banners to each side of the float along with banners from some of our advertisers, including CC Custom Graphics and Hawg Wyld Cycles.

The theme for this year's parade was 'Be Happy, Be Irish,' and with the great weather we had that day, we were extremely happy, even though I'm not sure how many of us were really Irish. The Snake Saturday Parade is held the weekend prior to St. Patrick's Day each year, and has become so popular that last year's parade consisted of 170 entries, producing a three-hour event. This year, in an effort to shorten the event, parade organizers limited the number of entries to 115 and also reduced the number of entries in each division. Only four motorcycle entries were allowed this year, so along with our entry, the following motorcycle clubs also made the cut: Women in the Wind - Chrome Cowgirls of KC, the Greater Kansas City H.O.G., and Rolling Thunder.

With the wonderful weather and all the great floats, the crowd really got into it this year. Everything worked out great, however, with all the stop-and-go traffic, the old clutch hand got a real workout, as did our engines. By the time we made it through the parade route you could have fried eggs on our engines, which once again proves that air-cooled engines are not made for parades.

After the parade, several of us rode back to Knuckleheads Saloon to unwind in their courtyard, eat corn beef and cabbage, which was awesome, and listen to some great blues. If Frank had lounge chairs in his courtyard, which is probably why he doesn't, I might still be sacked out there!

Story by Mike Schweder

Photos by Mike Schweder and Stripe