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Cycles n More Bike Show

Written by  February 28, 2005

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have had about all I can take. I have spent the last several months languishing in that special hell known as the Missouri winter. Finally a light at the end of the tunnel brought me a bit of relief from my doldrums. The annual Cycles n More Bike Show could not have come at a better time. Unlike most folks, I do not use a calendar to keep track of time. I have found that using bike-related events and rallies is as good a way as any to track my year. The Cycles n More show acts as my Groundhog Day and assures me that spring will soon be here. This year’s show promised to top the previous shows due to the inclusion of the Hale ArenaCross races in conjunction with the bike show, for what I felt was a very fair price.

On a cold winter morning, as we left for Hale Arena, I wore a smile that I don’t remember using since my scooter was put on the lift and readied for winter. The prospect of seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and of course being surrounded by bikes, was one I was truly looking forward to.

Upon arrival at the arena and after checking in at the Cycle Connections booth, I ventured out to make the rounds and see the sights. The selection of bikes this year was great. Whether you are a fan of the new wide-tire choppers, metric cruisers, sport bikes, or my personal favorite, the old Knucklehead and Panhead Harleys, you would find plenty of bikes to your liking. Vendors were plentiful for those looking for that special leather item or bike accessory. Many local bike businesses were also present, and this being the case, we took advantage of the opportunity to just hang out and catch up with old friends whom we hadn’t seen since the end of summer.

Ilya Blond of Hellraiser Choppers had his area directly across from the Cycle Connections booth, complete with custom bikes from TRIMSPA® as well as his own creations. I took the opportunity to find out what irons he had in the fire. His biggest project was the chopper he was building for WINFUEL™, which has since been completed and is featured on the cover of this month’s issue. The bike was unveiled February 17 in conjunction with the Daytona 500 Speedweek festivities. Cycle Connections’ very own, Wayne Thompson, flew to Daytona to cover the event and ensure that we are the first ones to publish photos of this incredible bike.

After visiting with Chuck Brackett from MOTO-GEAR and Mack Whitaker from McBrann Cycle Shed it was time to head back to the Cycle Connection booth to help out. I may be a little biased, but our booth looked great. Besides the Cycle Connections cover models, we had the Anaconda 10-Passenger Harley-Davidson limo trike, as well as Tech Tips writer, Dave Miller’s Cycle Connections Kawasaki Ninja. Dave sends out special thanks to John Munn of Shawnee Cycle Plaza and Jerry and Carlos of Mojo’s Customs for all their last minute help in getting his bike prepared for the show. Our booth also featured a computer for bike show visitors to browse our back issues and pictures. I really enjoyed meeting our Cycle Connections readers and appreciate all the kind words.

After our stint in the booth, we ventured back out to sample some of the entertainment and highlights of the show. Tommi Ahvala, a professional trials rider from Finland, wowed the crowd with several performances, and the Globe of Death provided all the thrills its name implies. Musical entertainment was provided by Blue 88, a personal and local favorite. Beautiful women were everywhere, from the Cycles N More girls, to the Hooters Girls, and our very own Cycle Connections cover models, Angie and Megan. The scenery was great in any direction. After the stunt shows, we made our way across the hall to Hale Arena to check out the ArenaCross action. Judging from the races I watched, this event brought out some seriously skilled riders. The track set-up was great, providing lots of “big air” to wow the crowd.

Before you know it, the time had come for awards to be announced. I have never seen a bigger cart full of trophies in once place before. The first award that was given out was for the best display of the show. With a $1,000 first place award, not to mention pride on the line, the incredibly detailed saloon display built by Kevin Carpenter, Robert Hart, Eric Krantz, and Scott Krantz took top honors. Megan and Angie were pressed into service for trophy presentations, which provided a little something extra for the award winners and photographers. For a detailed list of trophy winners in all bike classes, see our Cycles n More Awards article.

After the show, we found our spirits to be much higher. Cycles n More, in conjunction with sponsors, Cycle Connections Online Motorcycle Magazine, Shrout’s Powersports, Hooters, NKC Custom Apparel, and Letko Competition Cycles did themselves proud with this show. I for one can now brave the cold and hang on until warm weather arrives.

Story by Loney and
Stephanie Wilcoxson

Photos by Loney & Stephanie Wilcoxson, Stripe, Chuck Kurtz, and Mike Schweder