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Fat Pat's Bike Night - Trussville, Alabama

Written by  July 31, 2005

Fat Pat’s in Trussville Alabama, owned by Patrick Dunn and located off Chalkville Mt. Road behind the Chevron (formerly On Tap), started their first-ever bike night, Wednesday, June 22. Leigh and I were proud to represent Cycle Connections and sponsor Pat’s first bike night.

Tim Peek and Linda from Riders Harley-Davidson in Trussville most generously donated T-shirts, hats, coozies, and pens to our door prizes. Also Jeff and Sherri from Bessie’s Cycle Barn donated several (very useful) gift certificates. Neal Lacy from Bogart’s Motor Sports donated a stack of Triumph T-Shirts. For the Wednesday night bike nights, Patrick has taken all of the domestic beer prices down to $1.50, and has food specials as well. The menu has 50 food items for your dinning pleasure. There are over 30 televisions, big screen and otherwise, for your sports viewing!

To kick off the bike night, the food and beer specials started at 4 p.m. We started at 8 p.m. and gave away a door prize every 30 minutes until 10 p.m., when we held a 50/50 drawing. The first Harley shirt we drew for as a door prize went to Linda from the Harley shop! After we all got a big laugh over it, we drew again.

Most all of our friends were there, including several from each of the shops who donated door prizes. Even our friend Jim Pitts, (he and his wife Fay own the Big Kahuna in Panama City Beach) came up on his new Ultra Classic. Also Tim Brewer from Tru Blue Signs in Trussville, came with his son and a few friends. Tim made our Cycle Connections banner as well as our magnetic door signs. He also won a Harley T-shirt!

We knew that it was going to be a big night, but really we had no idea!! Leigh and I decided that we needed to extend our sponsorship into the following Wednesday, and it was decided that we would book a Leather Fashion Show to add to the night’s activities.
Our friends Kay Fleming and Donna Pranke have this quaint little shop across town called Classic Leather and Lace. They carry a variety of very sexy leather and lace items, as well as a few Harley items, and they are a Kuryakyn dealer. As a way of advertising and showcasing their clothes, they have done a few fashion shows at a bike night near their shop. We had seen the last show they had done over there and thought that it would be a pretty cool show to have at other places as well. Turns out, they were thinking along those lines too. And Fat Pat’s made for the perfect first show for them to do away from home (so to speak). We had both distributed flyers for the show, so we thought that we should have a pretty good crowd.

While this is not a huge place, what there is of it was filled to the point that some people were left standing. There were probably in the neighborhood of over 100 people, with somewhere around 50-60 bikes in the parking lot. Our buddy Dave Miller with Cycle Connections came down from Missouri bringing us Cycle Connections T-shirts and coozies for our door prizes. They turned out to be our most sought after item for the night, seeing how there were only two T-shirts like that in the state before then, mine and Leigh’s. And of course we weren’t giving up ours!

We had the door prizes starting at 8 o’clock again but stopped at 9 p.m. for the HOT ladies from Classic Leather and Lace to entertain us with a leather fashion show that was pure fun to watch and to be a part of. There was still the 50/50 drawing at 10 p.m., but it was the fashion show that brought the house down! I told Dave that he had picked a good time to be down here; it gave us a chance to show him some southern hospitality and to show him that we really know how to party down here in the South!

Many, many thanks to Kay and Donna and all of the beautiful ladies from Classic Leather and Lace. We look forward to a lasting relationship with them as well as working with them again very soon. Also we would like to extend our gratitude to Riders Harley-Davidson, Bessie’s Cycle Barn, and Bogart’s Motor Sports for all of their support to a HUGELY successful bike night(s) at Fat Pat’s!

Bike nights are every Wednesday night. If you are in town or in the neighborhood, stop by and party with your friends. We’ll buy you a beer!
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Story and Photos by Lynn Reynolds & Leigh Lilly:
Lynn Reynolds and
Leigh Lilly - Birmingham, Alabama