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Stables Bar & Grill – Kearney, Missouri

Written by  June 30, 2005

On Thursday evening, June 16, J.O., one of my partners in crime and I decided to take the backroads from Blue Springs to Stables Bar & Grill in Kearney for their Thursday night bike night and to help at the pre-registration signup booth for the Ride the Organ Trail benefit ride we are helping to sponsor for a good friend of ours who is having a kidney transplant.

When we arrived, the parking lot was packed and a band was cranking out some great blues in a corner of the parking lot next to the building. After parking the bikes, we walked up to the front of the building where free hamburgers and hotdogs were offered for everyone who rode in. Thursday night Stables not only has live entertainment, but they also offer great food and drink specials, including $2 longnecks.

While we were there, two Malibu Rum girls were making their way through the parking lot offering samples of a new drink they were promoting. Of course, I had to sample the beverage to ensure it was suitable for the other bikers in the parking lot, and it was so tasty, I ended up ordering one of the full-size drinks once I was able to make my way to the bar inside.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mike, the owner, and congratulated him on hosting such a successful bike night. I attend several bike nights each month, for research purposes only, and I have found there are a few key ingredients for a highly successful bike night.

Allow drinks outside - The bar owner must get a caterer’s license, or whatever is required in their area, to allow drinks outside. It’s a fact that bikers like to be able to walk around outside with a drink while looking at all the bikes…and ladies. Besides, if we wanted to be inside, we’d drive a car rather than a motorcycle, so being able to drink outside is no doubt the biggest key to a successful bike night.
Designate bike-only parking – Putting out orange cones and sectioning off an area of the street or parking lot directly in front of the bar with colored plastic construction tape is a no-brainer. If bikers have to park between cars or way out in the parking lot, they’re going to ride right on by and stop at the next “biker-friendly” bar that’s actually making an effort to earn their business.
Live music – Although not required, providing good live entertainment tends to make riders stick around.
Food and drink specials – Again, not a requirement, but offering food and drink specials makes it much easier on the wallet, plus it also shows that the bar owner is making an effort to attract bikers to their establishment.
Contests, prizes and giveaways – Definitely not a requirement, however, like food and drink specials, this shows that the owner is willing to give a little of their hard-earned money back to the motorcycle community. Smart bar owners often invite local motorcycle businesses to sponsor their bike night so they get more goodies to give away at no cost to the bar.

So if you want to see how a bike night is supposed to be done, hop on your bike and ride up to Stables Bar & Grill in Kearney any Thursday evening. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

By Mike Schweder