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Russo’s Pizza & Pub – Serving Great Pizza Since 1984

Written by  July 31, 2004

Frank Russo’s pizza is by far the best pizza I’ve found anywhere in town. Frank says he and his wife, Barbara, got into the pizza business 20 years ago when they found this area deficient in good pizza pie. As my co-worker Candice would say, “It rocks!”

But I must give credit where credit is due. My friends, Cathy and Tina had been raving about Russo’s pizza to me for a long time. Being the stubborn biker I am, I was reluctant and uncooperative, but they finally pinned me down (yeah, I hated that part), pried the beer from my hands and shoved a piece in my mouth. Wow! I’ve been hooked ever since, and find myself looking forward to every Wednesday night at Russo’s. Of course, with 20 years experience, everything they serve at Russo’s is great; but I’m partial to the pizza, just like my girls.

Most business owners who sponsor a bike night also ride, and Frank Russo and his son Kary are no exception. If you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll often see Frank out riding his 2003 Electra Glide and Kary on his 2000 Fat Boy. Bike Nights at Russo’s are a bit different, as they attract the real iron butt bikers, unlike some of the bar hoppers you might find elsewhere. The cool thing about Russo’s is that you can stop in at any time while on a ride and find yourself welcome.

Niki, who also just happens to be married to Nick Kasik, founder of Temptress Choppers, is usually the first one to greet you at Russo’s. She’s set up outside with lots of cold brews, and as you park your ride, she’ll offer you a cold beer and a smile. Inside Russo’s is a huge dining area with a full bar and plenty of tables to accommodate a group of any size, or, you can just sit at the bar and eat.

One of Russo’s best features is their large outdoor wooden deck, where The Elsea Smith Band plays on bike nights, cranking out the blues and some great biker tunes. There’s even enough room to kick up your heals if the old lady or old man drags you out there. There’s plenty of bike parking available, and there’s also more parking behind the pub if you’re not on your ride.

The Miller Brewing Company crew were at Russo’s for a promotion on this particular night, promoting another bike giveaway on Sept 30th at KCIR. Naturally, there were Miller beer specials, the Miller Girls and a raffle for entry tickets for the giveaway. The Miller chopper on display was built and painted by Dan’s Autoworks in Liberty, and they did one hell of a job. This baby is sweet, tough looking, and complete with a Miller keg tap on the side of the oil reservoir. It made me want a cold Miller Light just looking at it. If the tap was real, it sure would make it easy to change your oil or lay down an oil slick like James Bond. To find a location near you where the Miller chopper will be displayed, check out the Miller High Life Chopper Giveaway Promotion List, and good luck!

You better be a dog lover, or watch out for Ernie, the pub mascot. The photo below really doesn’t do him justice, as far as his size goes. Ernie is one big dog as you will see for yourself when stop in. Make sure you throw him a bone though.

So ride on down to Russo’s for their Wednesday bike night and have a bucket of beer and a large pizza. Just watch out for me, as I’ll be looking to steal a slice from ya!

Russo’s is located at 9324 State Route 7 in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. They are open from 11 a.m. 'til at least 11:00 p.m. and Wednesday bike nights are from 7 p.m. 'til 11:00 p.m.


Story and photos by Wayne Thompson