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18th Annual Teddy Bear Run - Birmingham, Alabama

Written by  November 30, 2011

It was a beautiful cool Saturday morning as hundreds of bikers gathered at Rider’s Harley-Davidson in Trussville for the start of the 18th Annual Teddy Bear Run to Children’s Hospital.

Both of the Harley shops had been preparing for this day for the past several months, selling stuffed animals and raising money for the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham.

Registration was another opportunity for people to scoop up some last minute critters. Sales from the critters also went to the hospital.

The parking lot was filled to the rim with chrome trim! This may have been a record year with as many bikes as were packed in here, which is a very good thing.

As this year’s Miss Alabama, Courtney Porter, and Tim Peek saddled up for the ride, the escorts from the Homewood police department who escort the ride every year joined them. Our “buds” Emory Hubbard and Doug Miller from Jefferson County assisted them; the extra escorts were needed to help rein in the extra bikes that were riding this year.

Once at the hospital, bikes quickly filled the parking area in front of the hospital, then they spread out up and down the road on both sides, then they just started parking in the middle of the road. I’ve never seen that before, but whatever works right?

The Birmingham H.O.G. with Steve Estes, Rick Gamble, Frank Pajaron and the rest of the crew did a pretty good job of pulling this event together this year. Along with the many stuffed animals brought to the hospital, they also raised more than $11,000.

The kids that were able to come down and check out the bikes really seemed to enjoy themselves, and the people who went upstairs to take the wagonloads of stuffed animals to the kids who weren’t able to come down, always manage to enjoy the visit as much as the kids do.

All in all, it “was a wonderful day in the neighborhood”!

Write-On and Ride-On
By Lynn Reynolds and
Leigh Lilly