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10th Annual Ride for Kids - Birmingham, Alabama

Written by  September 30, 2011

Well, it was another beautiful Sunday morning as the bikes rolled into Barber Motorsports Park on September 11 for the 10th Annual Ride for Kids, benefiting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. I think someone is watching over this event because it always has nice weather, well at least for the last 7 years that we’ve been going anyway.

Most of the kids were already getting their faces painted as the parents were getting registered for the ride and to ride the track. The bikes that were pre-assigned to ride with the kids that come each year were already in line, sitting on ready as the kids got leathered up for the ride.

This year the State Troopers were accompanied by Jefferson County in escorting the scenic 60-mile ride out of Barbers and back. After a safety speech and a prayer for the ride, everyone saddled up and headed out for a nice little hour ride.

Once back at Barber Motorsports Park the ride went straight into the track, except for the kids, whom they took off to the side to watch the bikes make a couple of laps around the track, which everyone enjoys the opportunity doing!
Ducati, Yamaha had the track for the weekend and graciously left the track and allowed us all to ride.

The ride leaves the track and heads back over to where they started for lunch, which is part of the ride, and for the celebration of life, where they recognize the top fundraisers. The Honda motorcycle, AGV helmet, Dunlop tire and Tourmaster luggage that are given away at each of the Ride for Kids events were awarded, and the kids were interviewed, which is the highlight of the day.

Honda Riders Club of America has been the presenting sponsor since 1991. Geico is their national insurance sponsor. Cycle World is also one of the sponsors, and the Ride for Kids events are sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association. There is a Ride for Kids event happening somewhere in the country from April through November.

The money raised at these events goes to Research Grants, Family Support, Scholarships and celebration of life through the Ride for Kids, which is also a family support program for brain tumor patients.

The interviews that national ride manager Jerry Harvey does with the kids are always funny, heartwarming and enlightening, to say the least. We learned this year from Kaitlin, that Jerry was a late bloomer!

Our little “Stars” this year were: Matt, Kaitlin, Zachary, Michael, Karissa (Krissy), and Bayleigh. We also learned this year that Miss Bayleigh has been going through some different therapy that has slightly reduced the size of her tumor, which she was proud to show us pictures of that she has in her phone. She was looking like quite the biker chick as she got ready to board her ride for the day.

With the efforts of the fundraisers throughout the year and the bikers from this day’s event, they were able to present the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation a check for a whopping $73,230.64. Amazing--I love it!

Many thanks to the kids for being the wonderful, inspiring people you are and for putting up with us all, to The Ride for Kids for the opportunity to “Do Something” to help the kids that the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation helps year-round, to Barber Motorsports Park for the use of their beautiful facility, to all the hard-working fundraisers, and all of the organizers, to Stacy for all your hard work--you did good girl!--and to all the bikers for your support, and to our escorts for making this a safe ride for all of us!

Write-On and Ride-On
By Lynn Reynolds and
Leigh Lilly