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Gruff’s Busted Ass Run

Written by  September 30, 2005

One of the worst feelings a rider can have is watching the news before going to bed and finding out about another rider going down. It's even worse when they show the bike involved and it’s one you recognize.

On Saturday May 14 Tim “Gruff” Strickland and another couple were leaving BB’s Lawnside BBQ heading back to Johnny Dare’s when an ever increasing and very disturbing incident befell them. At 85th and Paseo a cager “blinded by the sun” pulled out in front of both bikes. The bikes had no time to react and both bikes T-boned the car. Tim suffered the worst injuries after sailing over the car. The list of injuries would make Evel Knievel cringe. Tim suffered multiple fractures to his right foot. His pelvis was separated front and rear, which severed an artery causing major internal bleeding. His left elbow and two neck vertebrae were fractured, and he suffered bruising to his heart and lungs, as well as other injuries.

Tim spent several weeks in Neuro ICU battling for his life. Fortunately this story has a happy ending. Tim is healing nicely, he is not paralyzed, and he will be around with us to ride again one day.

Several of Tim’s brothers and friends decided to hold a benefit in his behalf to help offset the costs of Tim’s extended recovery and his time off work. The list of names of all who were involved would fill pages but a few in my mind deserve recognition. Ray “Shark” Roberts was the guiding influence and facilitator of the entire event. Anybody who knows this man, whom I am proud to call my brother, knows he has a gift for organization.

The date for Gruff’s Busted Ass Run was scheduled for Sunday, August 21. Registration for the day’s festivities began at the Salty Iguana in Independence. A dice run started off the day followed by a cookout and auction at Antoinette’s in Gladstone. Special thanks to members of the Kansas City Southern Cruisers Riding Club (KCSCRC). Not only did they volunteer their time, but were also responsible for many of the donations for the auction.

The dice run included stops in Holt, Lexington and Smithville before returning to Antoinette’s. Stephanie and I manned the Smithville dice stop and I gotta tell ya, it was heartwarming to see the turnout. We not only had locals but we also had riders from other states, thanks to the forums at www.delphiforums.com.

At Antoinette’s, state officer of the KCSCRC Sam Luttrell, along with my buddy Billy Qualls did a fine job of manning the grills and feeding all the hungry riders. The auction was great, and Mike Foote went well above and beyond with all the donations he collected. All in all, the event was a huge success with over $5,000 raised. It’s amazing what we as riders can do to help out another when it is needed.

Special thanks to Steve and Rita at Antoinette’s for providing us a place to gather. Also a big thanks goes out to A&A Construction of Oak Grove and Parkers Electric for donating the awesome stainless steel grill for the raffle, and thanks again to all the sponsors and volunteers, who are too numerous to mention.

Story and photos by Loney and
Stephanie Wilcoxson