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The Uncle Bob Memorial All Pro 250 Race - Millbrook, Alabama

Written by  August 31, 2005

After his father passed away from lung cancer, Robert Harmon decided to have a motorcycle built to honor his dad and his racing career, so he contacted TNT Custom Cycles in Millbrook, Alabama and decided to unveil the bike at the Uncle Bob Memorial All Pro 250 race July 28-30. Back in the 1950s, Uncle Bob started the Montgomery Motor Speedway after years of racing the small track at the Fairgrounds in Birmingham, Alabama. In the early 1960s, Uncle Bob decided to sell the track and manage stuntmen. Then around 1980, he started a touring series called the All Pro, which he sold to NASCAR in 1989, and is now the Advanced Auto Elite Series.

The Uncle Bob Memorial race was a weekend of auto racing, motorcycle shows, including a jump over buses from Doug Danger, activities for the kids, barbeque and cold drinks. This weekend was also chosen to help raise money for Camp Smile a Mile, which is a camp in Alabama for children with cancer. Recently they opened a young adult “Life After Cancer” retreat for those ages 19-30. Friday evening, Leigh and I met with the folks from TNT Custom Cycle, and got to watch as some of the kids from Camp Smile a Mile were ridden around the track for a few laps in some of the racecars. They loved that!

We got a chance to get to know everyone from TNT Cycles, as we were all huddled together under their canopy, holding it down and keeping the water from building up on top of it. We stood in the rain and the red mud and watched as several of the kids were running in and out of “bounce tents” set up for them to jump in. We really enjoyed the evening spent with everyone. We didn’t even mind the rain so much, except that it screwed up the night’s events that were scheduled.

Leigh decided to ride back down the next day. He stopped by TNT Custom Cycles first, as he had never seen their shop before. There he met up with, Lanny, Lee, and Kahla, and all of them went back to the speedway to see if they could get the rest of the races, the bike show, tribute bike and jump off before the rain came again. They accomplished part of that!

Leigh got talked into putting his V-rod in the bike show, alongside of a few new Titans! His bike was a mess from riding it down there and getting wet a few times along the way,
but they all got together and wiped down all of the bikes. He brought home a third place trophy that he was very proud of. Phil Moses, of Grace Motorcycle Outreach, organized the bike show. They didn’t get much more done before it started raining again. When it let up enough for Leigh to get out, he headed for the house. He had been in the rain long enough for one weekend.

It did stop raining later that night, so they managed to get the rest of the races in, as well as Doug Danger successfully completing his jump. Robert Harmon has already contacted the Camp Smile a Mile to make arrangements to deliver the check from the money raised.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the weekend. The rain even added an extra exciting element to the festivities. It looked like it was pretty successful.

We were thankful for the opportunity to go and make a whole lot of new friends with the people at TNT Custom Cycles, and look forward to a lasting relationship with them all.

Write-On & Ride-On!

Story & photos by Lynn Reynolds and
Leigh Lilly - Birmingham, Alabama