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Catch a Dream Poker Run - Gadsden, Alabama

Written by  August 31, 2005

Leigh and I rode to Gadsden, Alabama Saturday, July 23 for a poker run. As for myself, I had never actually participated in a poker run before. I guess you could say I was a poker run virgin! We arrived at Mangos in Gadsden around 10 a.m. Mangos was the start of the run where you registered and got your first card. Most people had already registered by the time we got there so there was no time to mess around before we had to mount up and ride.

The City of Gadsden and the Parks and Recreations Board had put together a weekend of fun summer outdoor activities. They had the roads blocked off around Moragne Park where most of the events took place. It also made for a safe exit for all of the bikes to leave. Some of the other events taking place that weekend were a BBQ cook-off, lumberjack shows, and an outlaw boat race organized by Terry Gibbs.
This year, Grady Chambers and Carolyn Payne decided to organize a poker run to add to the festivities and raise money for the Catch a Dream Foundation. Founded in late 2000, Catch a Dream grants once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experiences to children 18 years old and younger who have life-threatening illnesses. We were all very glad they chose to do so!

Did I mention that I drew a king for my first card?

We all left Mangos and headed toward our next stop, over 30 miles away, to John and Pam Hunt’s place, The 411 Biker Shack in Centre, Alabama. This is also the home of the big Crawfish Boil that kicks off the riding season in the spring. It was a very peaceful ride over. Here we drew our next card. I drew a queen to go with my king!

From there we rode over 40 miles through beautiful country in the northern part of the state filled with mountains with views that went on for miles. We rode through Fort Pane and little River Canyon. The whole ride was a feast for the senses! We made our third stop at the Chevron Station on Highway 75 South. Here I drew a jack, so I’m liking my hand pretty good at this point.

We left the Chevron and headed over 50 miles to the Highway 278 Custom Cycle Shop in Altoona, Alabama. Billy White and Shannon Peterson have a nice little bike shop that all of us enjoyed browsing through. They have a parking lot large enough to accommodate all of the motorcycles and then some.
Thankfully, we had a truck following us to all the stops filled with coolers of ice cold drinks—a traveling oasis, as it was so very hot that day! I drew a 10 at this stop, and I was getting very excited about my chances with this hand until Leigh informed me that there was a guy that had three 3’s. Well that sucks! For me,; not him.

We left there and headed back toward Gadsden for our final stop around 15 miles to Teel’s Bar and Grill where Ronnie Teel had grills going on the deck with hamburgers and hot dogs and all of the “fixins” and of course, all of the ice cold beer and other beverages that our extremely hot bodies could handle. After everyone got there and had gotten refreshed, we all drew our last card. I needed a 9 or an ace--and I drew an 8---- AN 8!

And yes, there was a guy that had three 3s. Only here, he drew another 3. Mr. Joe Dalrymple had won over $900 with his four 3s and generously donated $350 back to the Catch a Dream Foundation.

They also gave away many door prizes. We got lucky there. I won a free steak dinner for two at Teel’s Bar and Grill. Teel’s by the way, has a pretty big bike night every Thursday night. Leigh won a gift certificate from Red Lobster, so we will be eating pretty well the next time we are in Gadsden.

At the end of the weekend, the poker run had raised over $2500 for the Catch a Dream Foundation with $350 donated back by Joe Dalrymple and $500 from Greg Collins from Greg Collins Motorsports in Glencoe, Alabama. Al Murray and the folks from the city of Gadsden would like to extend their gratitude to all of those from the Parks and Recreation Board, as well as David Santos of Santos Printing, Mike Britt of Cycle World in Gadsden, and Ronnie Teel and the staff at Teel’s Bar and Grill, for their support and help toward a very successful, first of many to come, poker run in Gadsden, Alabama. We will definitely be back. This ain’t no SISSY RIDE! So if you can’t hang for a four to five hour ride, you need to stay home with “yo mama”! But if you’re up to the long, beautiful scenic ride, get on your bike and come join us for the next one!

Thanks guys! I got broke in well.

Write-On and Ride-On!

Story and photos by Lynn Reynolds and
Leigh Lilly - Birmingham, Alabama