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2nd Annual Kodiak Run

Written by  August 31, 2005

For those of you who missed the 2nd Annual Kodiak Run, you missed riding in one gratifying ride. The Kodiak Run, sponsored by the Cleveland Chiropractic College, was named for a little boy named Kodi Stevens who was born with spina bifida, a very serious birth defect. When Kodi was born they named him after the Kodiak bear, which was a sign of strength. You should see this little tyke; he is a doll-baby.

When I arrived with my hubby and some friends, I immediately started snapping pictures as we registered for the ride and bought our raffle tickets. Deciding to write this article for Cycle Connections, I wanted to be sure to document everything going on.

Candy Mann’s Rock-n-Roll Oldies was set up for entertainment while Jason’s Deli had set out a spread of deli sandwiches, water and chips for the registered riders.

I was impressed with the organization of this ride. It all went like clockwork! I commend the organizers and volunteers that helped make this ride happen; they did a great job and should be thanked for a job well done. We had a safe, orderly ride going from stop to stop with ample time at each stop to visit, munch, cool off and meet new people. Some of the gracious hosts along the way were: Curly Brown’s, Hurricane Sherry’s, Cecil Mondays, Kobi’s and Fuel. At each stop they had some kind of food set out for the riders buffet style. Thanks to all of the owners and staff at each place for making us welcome!

At the last stop, Fuel, a local bar and grill, Brian, Kodi’s dad, took the microphone to thank the riders for their support. He was very gracious as he told us we had raised $7,045 that day, surpassing last year’s total of $4,750. The money from this benefit ride will be put to good use, believe me. Ten percent will be going to the Host family with a child that has been diagnosed with spina bifida and the rest to Children’s Mercy Hospital for more research into the disease.

Brian then announced the winner of the Kodiak Choice Award for the best bike. The winner was Sunny Morris and his yellow and orange chopper. Congrats to you Sonny!

There were many raffle prizes given out that day which included T-shirts, diamond earrings, gift certificates, Chief’s tickets, etc. All the sponsors were very willing to help with this effort. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed winning.

I recommend riding this ride next year, which will be held on July 29. For more info on the ride or spina bifida please go check out their website at: www.thekodiakrun.com.

It was once again fulfilling to ride next to my biker friends, having a great ride as well as doing something wonderful for our community. Thanks to all who rode and helped make a difference. Check it out next year; I think you’ll really enjoy it. I know I plan on riding next year and would love to see this charity ride grow through the years to help fight this disease and make life better and easier for those with spina bifida.

Story and photos by Little Toto - Khrome Cowgirls Chapter of WITW