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Louise Reeves

Louise Reeves

In writing these articles about these inspirational women, one common thread links them all and that is their perseverance to overcome the enormous obstacles thrown at them. They didn’t give up or wallow in self-pity while lying in their beds. Regardless of the why and what that faced them, they plowed through, determined to arrive at a new “normal” and, without exception, continue to ride. Ursula was and is no exception.

The young man whose truck hit Ursula was named Anthony and while he didn’t resemble her son Nathan, he was about the same age and as she lay there holding Anthony’s hand, she imagined it was Nathan’s. Whether it’s true or not that your life flashes before you eyes, in Ursula’s case it was the future she thought she would miss. Time with her grandchild, events and milestones she would never get to see. In the background she could hear voices of men asking others what happened and when Anthony attempted to get up to answer, she pulled him back. “No, don’t leave me yet.”

Ursula was a young wife and mother, having her son at 19. As she states in her blog, assuming the responsibilities of a mom, wife and full time worker has a way of derailing those dreams we had in our youth and of burying the person we are deep inside.

In preparing for this story, I was told by Ursula to check out her blogs, which I did. B.R.O.A.D. stands for “Babe Riding Out a Dream” and ride she does. Her dream started to become reality in 2012, when she lost her full time job. She had her virtual assistant business, The Write Hand, since 1997 and, having no luck finding a job that matched the one she had lost, turned her attention to building it to a full time venture.

I have written about some inspirational women, and thought I would catch up on how they are doing now.

August 28, 2015

A Biker’s Heart

A woman in a Facebook group I belong to shared this story with us, and with her permission, I am sharing it here.

“A few weeks ago my old man, his buddy and myself went for a ride. Because this is only my 2nd year riding my own I'm still counting miles, trying to break last yrs 5,000. The two guys are diehards that have been riding for their whole lives but they are good sports and they try not too laugh too loud when I do screw up on my bike. Unfortunately I'm having trouble with my hands going numb while riding so we end up stopping often. We spend a lot of time at various parks talking about where the next park is.

July 29, 2015

Lane Splitting

California has been the only state that allows lane splitting. While there is no specific law addressing lane splitting one way or another, police were allowed to use their discretion in whether to issue tickets for the maneuver.

July 29, 2015

August Tidbits

Women Riders in India

India is jumping on the “women should be riding” bandwagon. Recent articles and blogs are touting reasons why more Indian woman should be on motorcycles. Some of the reasons listed in IDiva, an online Indian news site for women, include:

I was pretty much giving up on having a column for July, and then I came across an article on the WDAF-Kansas City webpage about two very inspiring and determined ladies.

“Don’t over-think it because the fear will cripple you more than any accident.” This seems to be the overall message from the women I’ve written about and was said to me by Gypsy Hine; a woman who would know this more than most.