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Letter to the Readers

Written by  December 31, 2018

Well I can't believe that it’s been a year since we were handed the reins to the magazine!


  It’s definitely been a learning experience (ongoing learning experience!) But we have met some really awesome new folks that have contributed some pretty cool articles and pictures, so our writing staff continues to grow. Folks like, Octavia Drughi & Chris Puscas (with Book Motorcycle Tours .com), Gary Ilminen (Ultimate Motorcycling.com), Donna & David Leemon, Thad Rich, Lisa & Gary Townsend, Lisa & Russell Nix, Jeanette Methvin Cerisano, Eric Miller, Mark & Karla Duncan and Vicky Vail. We appreciate you guys SO very much and really enjoyed your contributions!

  And we are already talking to a few more that hopefully will be joining us for the 2019 season. We also have an awesome graphics artist that has been with us for the year, a really good friend of ours, Ms Lisa Bonta, a very talented, big hearted woman, my "Ride or Die" friend! We couldn’t have done this without you and look forward to our 2019 adventures!

  And a huge thanks to our remaining advertiser, CC Custom Coatings & Graphics for hanging in there with us, we'll get the hang of doing ad's eventually! These guys are awesome, so check them out if you need some killer work done on your ride!

  We also had the honor of taking over a ride that was close to our heart and expanded it to include more kids from around Alabama who are dealing with cancer, brain tumors and blood disorders and partnered up with Children's of Alabama Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders and the Birmingham Zoo for the "Zoo Run Safari for Children's" event, which is the new name for the ride we took over.

  We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Barber Motorsports Park and continuing to cover their events. We are just so very lucky to have this world-class park in our backyard!

We invite more of you to share your adventures with us in 2019 and keep snapping those awesome pictures! Also, please continue to send us your up-coming events information so that we may continue to help you advertise them!

  We thank ALL of our readers for your support and look forward to that growing in 2019 as well! 

And Mike, we are still missing you dude!


And…....Wishing you SAFE-FUN-FILLED ADVENTURES for 2019!