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Dry Riders Saloon Owners Jim and Valarie Get Remarried - Birmingham, Alabama

Written by  June 30, 2010

We rode out to Dry Riders Saloon on Saturday, May 22 to share in the joy of owners Jim and Valarie getting remarried.

The bar was all decorated up inside and out. Outside is a really nice large patio area with a fire pit, stage for a band, and seating all around. Several of Valarie’s girlfriends and the girls that worked there did all of the decorating as well as the spread of food laid out for all of us to feast on and a beautiful cake. They did a wonderful job on both.

One of our better bike night bands, "4th & One," had been asked to play at the wedding. They had played there before, so they already knew how good they are.

We had engraved two toasting glasses for them with a Harley emblem in the center with their names inside of that and the date on the foot of the glass, as well as putting ribbon and tiny flowers on them. They loved them, which made us very proud. The whole thing was just so cool!

We found a pile of firewood right outside the door leading to the patio to stand and watch it all, and when it came time to bring Valarie out, I looked inside to try and get a picture as she walked out; it was too funny, she had a beer in her hand and they were telling her to put it down. I thought she should have come on out with it. Then when they were doing the “will you take this person” part, Jim said, “Wait a minute, let me consult with my buddies.” While we were all standing there with our jaws dropped, he walked over to his buddies and got into a huddle, and the whole place erupted in laughter. It was so hilarious!

When they were presented as “Mr. and Mrs.,” they got bombarded with Silly String. Good thing neither of them had a cigarette.

We enjoyed being there to be a part of that and wish them many, many years of laughter and happiness together.

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By Lynn Reynolds and
Leigh Lilly