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Written by  May 31, 2016

Women Rider Stats
I found some interesting statistics about women riders that I want to share. These were originally published in 2015, so we can assume the numbers have gone up slightly.

12% of motorcycle owners are women, an increase of 28% since 2010.

1 in 4 riders, including passengers, are women.

In 2012, approximately 27 million people operated motorcycles and 6.7 million of them were women (25%)

Some of the reasons women ride: Freedom, independence, adventure, to conquer fears, community.

Some numbers reflecting the happiness of women riders include: 37% report always feeling happy compared to 16% of nonriders. 35% always feel confident compared to only 16% of women who do not ride. More than 33% of women riders feel less stressed after a ride. 74% of women riders believe their lives had improved when they began riding.

Women Riding Clubs
If you are interested in joining a club, there are hundreds across the US and Canada that are women-only. National clubs (those that have two or more chapters) are:


Inspirational Women Updates
A couple of updates on some Inspirational Women. In April, Ursula Marie Wachowiak met up with another of my Inspirational Women, Kathy Wilkinson. Kathy and her husband, Jeff, took Ursula and others on their boat, Eco-Tours of South Mississippi for a fund raiser to benefit a local rider who had lost his leg in a motorcycle accident.

In May, Ursula returned to Minnesota for more legal work and was featured in a local news story regarding her miraculous recovery and return to riding. On May 19, she was to have more surgery.

Michele Wierzgac is still teaching riding in the Chicago area, churning out new riders in between her speaking engagements as “The Lady on the Harley”. Speaking of which, Michele is the very proud owner of a brand new Ultra Limited CVO.

Diane Gracely has become an advocate for pain management solutions in Florida and has been featured on local newscasts discussing the state of pain management as a sufferer of Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and a survivor of a car accident caused by a drunk driver. She is also a new grandmother.