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Inspirational Women: Diane Landis Gracely UPDATE

Written by  April 30, 2015

I have an update on Diane Landis Gracely, whom I wrote about as an Inspirational Woman back in our December 2014 issue. Diane, along with her husband Keith, runs a handmade wood art business, Biker’s Buzz. Their work is, to say the least, outstandingly beautiful.

Diane suffers from Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and has not had an easy time of it this year. To make matters worse, Diane was in a bad car crash on April 13, 2015. Her car was totaled and she spent a few days in the hospital. Ever determined, Diane went home to recuperate because she “wasn’t getting any rest” in the hospital.

I’m asking my readers to please check out her work at www.bikersbuzz.co (no “m”) and find something for you or maybe as a Mother’s Day gift for someone special. Prayers are great but they don’t pay the bills. The hanging planters are especially beautiful. Trust me-this stuff is mind-blowing!