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Harley-Davidson – Cornering the Market on Women Riders

Written by  October 29, 2014

As I reported last month, Harley-Davidson is cornering the women riders’ market with their new additions, the Street models and Tri Glides, as well as the “garage parties” they hold at the dealerships.It’s working out quite well for Harley-Davidson, as it turns out.

According to Bloomberg, Harley-Davidson sold more motorcycles to women than all the other nameplates combined.And they expect to sell over 20,000 to women in 2014. According to Claudia Garber, Harley’s director of their women’s outreach marketing, 10,000 women a year are going through their programs, which include riding instruction.

"Thousands of women have found that riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a powerful way to tap into their strength, independence and confidence and take it to a whole new level," Garber said in a statement. "Research shows the positive impact riding has on women, so we invite all those who dream of the open road to get started on the journey."

Just remember, with increased power comes increased responsibility.