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Harley-Davidson Trikes, Streets, Electric Motorcycles, and Other Tidbits

Written by  September 28, 2014

Up until now, most of the trikes we have seen on the road have been custom builds. Then Can-Am came out a few years ago with its Spyder lineup, trikes with two wheels up front. Polaris has made trikes both for cruising and off-roading, but none of the big motorcycle companies really delved into the trike market. Harley-Davidson has.

Five years ago, Harley started producing the Tri Glide Ultra and apparently, even with its very high price of $32,549, has done well enough to introduce another trike for 2015, the Freewheeler. This trike comes in at $25,000. Still a little steep, but something tells me it will do pretty well.

Harley finally understands that not every biker is a six foot, 250 pound man and that women are the fastest growing group of new riders. The Freewheeler is part of a lineup that includes CVO models and “Low” versions of its Electra Glide and Ultra Limited. Both Low versions of the Electra Glide and Ultra are lowered one inch, which gives them a lower profile and drops the center of gravity. The handlebars on the Low models allow for an easier, more comfortable riding position for shorter riders and the Low models have smaller diameter handgrips and easier-to-reach brake and clutch levers. Also there's a new hydraulic clutch on the Lows, which is easier for riders with smaller hands to operate, especially in stop-and-go traffic.


When Ha2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750rley previously targeted riders over 5’7”, their range of fit represented 88% men and less than 20% women. With their new lines of motorcycles, the range will accommodate 92% of men and 44% of women. While Harley Davidson isn’t stating outright that they are reaching out to corner the growing market of women riders, their new styles certainly indicate that they are.

Probably the most anticipated bike in the Harley lineup is the Street. Available as a 500cc or 750cc, and starting at less than $6,800, these liquid cooled bikes are light (less than 500lbs), low (25.7 inch seat height) and designed for urban riding, not cruising. Unfortunately, there have been some setbacks in production and the bikes are only at the dealers (if they have them) for rider training. They should be on the sales floors sometime this fall.


Harley-Davidson Electric MotorcycleHarley is also taking its electric prototype motorcycle on the road to gauge the public’s interest. Yes, I said “Harley” and “electric” in the same sentence. Code-named “Project Livewire,” the bike is said to look more like a racing bike than a Harley, and apparently, it can act like one as well. According to NWI, “Electric bikes are typically quicker off the line than conventional bikes since an electric motor delivers 100% of its torque immediately. With no gears for the driver to shift or a clutch to work, the power gets to the pavement even quicker enabling a 0-60mph that Harley says is around four seconds.”

Stay tuned.


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