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Year End Notes, News & Observations

Written by  December 31, 2011

On December 12, the AMA announced its Motorcyclist of the Year.
Nancy Sabater, from Charlotte Hall, Maryland, was chosen because of her grassroots advocacy in 2011 to save youth motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles from a misguided federal law that would have banned their sale on January 1, 2012. The victory over the "lead law" was sealed when the president signed legislation overturning the ban on August 12, 2011, ending a three-year battle to save youth riding for future generations. Congratulation, Ms.Sabater!


In an effort to make their streets safer, Honduras has banned motorcycle passengers. Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world, at 82 per 100,000, and apparently several murders have been carried out by shooters on the backs of bikes. Shades of Sons of Anarchy.

I recently saw this headline: Would looser helmet law mean more motorcycle deaths? My first thought was, “Why would anyone make a law about loose helmets?” The English language is wonderful in the way we can innocently and completely screw it up.
I am a huge fan of American Pickers, but lately I am yelling at the TV when the show is on. Many of the people they come across are elderly old men who live alone and have hoarded bikes, cars, and sundry parts for decades. Their bikes are rusting away, buried under mounds of unusable garbage, and then Mike and Frank, two bike enthusiasts, come along offering to buy the old guys’ classics only to be turned down. Even though these seniors are alone, apparently cash poor, and (have I mentioned they’re old?) they can’t seem to part with their stuff. “You’re 90 with a 1940s Harley in a barn, and you can’t bear to sell it yet? Dumbass!”
I hope everyone had a great holiday. Happy New Year, and if you make just one resolution, make it to ride often and ride safe.
By Louise Reeves