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Rock & Roll to Summer Riding

Written by  May 31, 2006

Well, looks like spring blew right by and summer is upon us. This is my favorite riding season because there is no layering—just throw on a T-shirt and off you go. All of the dinner rides, bike nights, charity runs and rallies are in full swing so there is no excuse not to be riding.

Can you share any suggestions on strengthening my throttle hand? My right arm gets so tired on long trips.

Becky Morgan
Tulsa, OK

Hi Becky,
I think we all go through the same situation unless we have the cruise control accessory on our bike. There are a couple solutions you might want to try.

First of all, build up your endurance for long rides by doing weekend jaunts of 100 miles or so before your scheduled extended trip. If you just hit the road for 500 mile trip, without some warm up trips you will definitely feel the soreness in both arms.

Second, try doing a little resistive weight training to strengthen your upper body that targets the forearm flexors, wrist, biceps and triceps. Not only will this enhance your muscular strength, it will give you nice shape and definition to your arms.

The third tip would be to try this nifty little gadget that will give your throttle hand a rest on those long trips. It’s called a Throttle Rocker and it is the best $10 I ever spent on my bike.

From the Throttle Rocker website at www.throttlerocker.com:

“Throttle Rocker is a device that easily wraps around the throttle grip of any motorcycle. It protrudes away from the grip so that the contoured portion fits comfortably against the heel and palm of the hand. Using the heel of your hand, the rider applies minimal downward pressure on the Throttle Rocker making the throttle rotate. Additionally, Throttle Rocker works as a resting place for the hand, reducing fatigue on long trips. It is also ergonomically engineered to eliminate the “death grip”….by placing an easy ride in the palm of your hand.”

The company has also developed a second version that will fit on both the right and left sides that uses a hook and loop strap. The rocker is guaranteed for one year on breakage; if yours breaks they will replace it. Also note this is not a throttle lock. When you release downward pressure the throttle returns to idle.

This is one product that definitely lives up to its advertising and having one myself, I would highly recommend it as an addition to your bike.

Dear Goldie,
Thanks so much for your input on my questions about going to Daytona Bike Week. I had a blast, and after my hesitation about going my husband was thrilled that I went along. The beaches were beautiful, and even though we sat a lot in traffic it was fun looking at all the bikes and sites.

Belton, MO

Just want to share a few summer riding tips with you and hope you have a fabulous and safe riding season:
Always wear sunscreen.
Always wear eye protection.
Always wear gloves; even if they are fingerless.
Always make yourself visible in the clothing you wear, lights, horns, etc.
Always stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids.

Happy Father’s Day to all the biker dads!

Goldie Arnold

“Never rider faster than you angel can fly”

TIP OF THE MONTH: If you hydroplane do not hit your brakes. Ride it out and keep your bike straight.