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Get Ready...Get Packed...Go Girls!

Written by  February 29, 2004

Whether you're going for a long weekend or a week, you can still take everything you need if you pack efficiently. Everyone has a tendency to over pack, never wanting to run out of clothes or heaven forbid wear the same jeans and top twice!

First, determine what space you have available, the time of year you are traveling, and whether you can handle your bike safely fully loaded. It's amazing the amount of clothes you can pack in zip-lock bags, so don't fret; you can not only be a riding diva, but a fashion diva as well! However, you do have the option of doing laundry along the way if you want to pack light.

The system I use is simple. Start with one or two gallon zip-lock bags and lay out a change of clothes for each day. Instead of folding your clothes, roll each article of clothing up tightly, starting with a pair of jeans, then shirt, tank top, undergarments and socks for one bag. Place the bag on the floor; kneel on it to get all the excess air out then zip it shut. It should resemble a vacuum-sealed freezer bag. Then I pack accessories, belts, headbands, scarf, bandana, swimsuit, shorts and jewelry in another bag. My jean vest, light jacket or sweatshirt and any other miscellaneous items go in the last bag. An extra pair of shoes or boots can also be put in zip-lock bags and packed at the bottom of your large T-Bag®. Of course, if you want to put all your jeans in one bag, all your shirts in one bag; that's up to you. I find it easier to have a complete change of clothes in one bag. When I take the clean clothes out, I put the dirty ones in that same bag. If you're traveling with a group, you can consolidate items to share like hairdryers and curling irons.

If you are going to a rally or new location, you will most likely buy extra t-shirts or gifts from the event, so make sure you have a little extra room for your purchases. I've been known to go a little overboard on shopping, but that's not a problem. There may not be room on the bike for all the goodies but, there is always UPS shipping. Easy and cheap, so shop till you drop!

Now that you have several bags of waterproof, easy to identify packages, use a big hefty bag to line your large T-Bag if you don't have a plastic liner. Place your zip-lock bags inside. Hey wait, that's just clothes! What about your makeup, hairdryer and toiletries? No fear, you still have plenty of room in the attachable roll bag that fits on top of the T-Bag. Pack your cosmetics, first aid kit and anything else you want to access easily in zip-lock bags. Don't forget that your T-Bag has several outside pouches for the camera, film, binoculars, sunscreen and chap stick so they are always within reach.

I pack my rain gear, leathers (chaps and jacket), gloves, goggles, sunglasses, tool kit, spare parts, tire gauge, bungee cords, and fanny pack in my saddle bags. I also freeze a bottle of water, as the day goes on it thaws and you have cold water.

Now load the T-Bag on your sissy bar. Keep as much weight as possible close to the bike's center of gravity, which means low and towards the tank, and distributed evenly from side to side. It's a good idea to check your cargo weight limit in your owner's manual and adjust the tire pressure and suspension accordingly. Make sure everything is tied down securely, with no loose straps dangling anywhere. Secure the roll bag to the top of your T-Bag, and last but not least, attach a cargo net over the roll bag. This comes in very handy when needing a convenient place to stash your jackets or chaps when the temperature gets too warm.

You're set for the road, so enjoy the ride!

Below is a checklist that might be helpful when packing for your next trip. If anyone has other packing tips, please share them with us.


__Helmet__Hair dryer/curling iron
__Jacket__Hair brush/hair ties
__Gloves__Scissors/Super Glue
__Sunglasses/Goggles__Ear plugs
__Bandana/DooRag__Bug spray
__Ball cap/Visor__First aid kit
__Glove liners__Extra bike keys
__Scarf__Maps/road atlas/compass
__Rain suit__Tool kit
__Boot covers__Flashlight/glow sticks
__Jeans__Tire gauge
__T-shirts__Spare fuse/bulbs
__Long-sleeved shirts__Camera/film
__Extra pair of shoes__Binoculars
__Socks__Water bottle
__Shorts__Trash bag
__Belt__Registration/Insurance cards
__Swimsuit__Club/Org. Membership cards
__Sweatpants/sweatshirt__Rally Registration
__Towel/wash cloth__Hotel confirmations
__Bar soap__Pen/paper
__Baby wipes__Address book/stamps
__Shaving kit/cosmetic kit__Cell phone/charger
__Personal toiletries__Bungee cords
__Shampoo/conditioner__Extra zip-lock bags
__Toothpaste/toothbrush__Fanny pack
__Dental floss__Can/Bottle Coozies
__Chap stick__Bike cover/cleaning supplies
__Kleenex__Bike/cable locks

Goldie Arnold

'Never Ride Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly'

Goldie’s Tip of the Month: Wearing a jacket will reduce your chances of becoming dehydrated while riding on a hot day. The wind on overexposed skin quickens dehydration.