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Brad Bryant and His ‘88 Harley-Davidson Softail Trike

Written by  July 31, 2007

I've known Brad for several years, but during a trip to Sturgis back in 2004, I got to know him a lot better. Brad is one of those fun-loving guys who will do anything for you and is a blast to ride and party with. After a two year hiatus, Brad is joining our group again this year for another trip to South Dakota.

I can hardly wait to see what T-shirt he picks up at Sturgis this year. I can still remember him riding around on his V-Max back in 2004 wearing his 'Nice Trailer, Pussy!' and 'F*ck You, You F*cking F*ck!' T-shirts. As you can tell, Brad isn't overly concerned about offending those who trailer their bikes to and from Sturgis, or if you're a f*cking f*ck. I'm really looking forward to this year's trip, and it's going to be great to ride once again with this crazy guy!

CC: Brad, what is your occupation?
Brad: I’m retired.

CC: Do you have hobbies other than motorcycling?
Brad: Yes, I also enjoy picking up sticks with my butt cheeks, That's always fun!

CC: Why do you ride?
Brad: Here's a better question; why don't people ride?

CC: How long have you been riding?
Brad: I've been riding around 20 years.

CC: What was your first bike?
Brad: My first bike was a Honda V30 Magna.

CC: How many bikes have you owned?
Brad: I’ve owned five bikes.

CC: How many bikes do you currently own?
Brad: Just my '88 Softail Trike.

CC: What do you like most about your trike?
Brad: It's kina tuff lookin' don't ya think?

CC: What is your dream bike?
Brad: Don't really have one, but my favorite bike was a V-Max I took to Sturgis back in '04.

CC: What is your most memorable riding experience?
Brad: My 2004 Sturgis trip. I rode to Sturgis with a large group including Cycle Connections Editor-in-Chief Mike Schweder, and after having a great time there, when everybody headed home I took off for Colorado. I rode through the Rocky Mountains, the Royal Gorge, and Colorado Springs before heading back across Kansas to get home.

CC: What is your least memorable riding experience?
Brad: I had two major crashes about 15 years ago, and about three years ago, I was riding in a poker run and it started to downpour; flashflood stuff. We were on I-70 in the middle of the storm. Cruising in the rain is one thing, but getting passed by 18-wheelers with all the mist they kick up in the rain makes for a crappy ride.

CC: To what motorcycle clubs or organizations do you belong?
Brad: None right now; however, I'm planning to join Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.).

CC: What is your favorite motorcycle rally?
Brad: I like all of them when there's naked women runnin' around.

CC: Do you have a favorite bike night hangout?
Brad: Stables in Kearny Missouri. There's lots of bikes there, and Paddy O'Quigley's in Lee's Summit was always fun.

CC: Do you have any tattoos?
Brad: Yes. I have two. I got my first one in the ARMY because I was very, very drunk. The second one I got when I was pissed off while going through a divorce.

CC: Who is your favorite tattoo artist?
Brad: My grandmother.

CC: Do you prefer riding in a group or by yourself?
Brad: Both. It depends on my mood.

CC: Who are some of your closest riding buddies?
Brad: Jerry Davis, Richard Rustan, John and Carol Diaz, and the late Mike Garzee and his wife Helen. I also like riding with Randy and Gail Jackson and Carl Busse and Patty Hart.

CC: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Brad: Yes. About a year and a half ago I had brain surgery (biopsy) and at one point I thought I would never ride again. So big thanks goes out to Mike Garzee (master fabricator), Jerry Davis, John Diaz and Dan Gibson. The six of us triked my bike ourselves, and I'm loving it!

Mike Garzee passed away on July 9, 2007, and without Mike's help I wouldn't be riding today. THANKS A MILLION MIKE; I'LL SEE YOU AGAIN SOMEDAY!

Interview by Mike Schweder