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Debbi “Little Toto” and Her ’02 Harley-Davidson Sportster

Written by  June 30, 2005

Debbi a.k.a. “Little Toto”

I have gotten to known Toto, and she is a good friend, an avid motorcyclist and one amazing lady! Along with juggling a job and being a mother and housewife, she is also the Newsletter Editor, Photographer and Web Mistress for the Khrome Cowgirls of KC motorcycle club. So as you can see, she enjoys wearing many hats, including her cowboy…or should I say cowgirl hat?

It seems like no matter what ride, rally or event I attend, I can always count on running into her, so I thought…hey…why not recruit her to cover some events for us, which she graciously agreed to. As a matter of fact, Toto’s debut Cycle Connections article is included in this issue, in which she covered the Sizzler 2005 Motorcycle Rally in Warsaw, Missouri. So when you see Toto at an upcoming motorcycle event (and you will), make sure to say hi and be prepared to have your photo taken!

CC: Toto, why do you ride?
Toto: Peace of mind is the may reason. I feel free and at peace when I'm riding. It’s a great way to clear your brain and get away from work, kids and responsibilities. I ride mostly now because I LOVE IT!

CC: How long have you been riding?
Toto: I've been riding my own bike for about 10 years now. I started out on the back of hubby’s bike and decided that I wanted my own.

CC: What was your first bike?
Toto: My first bike was a 250 Yamaha Route 66 Collector Edition. If didn't take me too long before I upgraded to a 1990 H-D Hugger.

CC: How many bikes have you owned?
Toto: I'm now on my third.

CC: How many bikes do you currently own?
Toto: I only own one now, although my name is also on my hubby's.

CC: What is your current bike?
Toto: My current bike is a 2002 H-D Sportster.

CC: What do you like most about your Sportster?
Toto: I'm happy with my scoot. It is customized to fit my small frame. I guess the best thing about it to me now is the new paint job. I love my new flame job!

CC: What is your dream bike?
Toto: I haven't really thought about a dream bike. I'm pretty happy with what I have.

CC: What is your most memorable riding experience?