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Jerry and Ryan Alumbaugh - Like Father, Like Son

Written by  May 31, 2004

Age: Jerry: 56/Ryan: 29
Height: 5’7”/6’3”
Zodiac sign:

Occupation: Retired/Construction

Main Ride: 2004 HD Ultra Classic/1999 HD Road King

 (Jerry is giving Ryan his Road King as a gift as soon as his new one arrives)

How Many Motorcycles Have You Owned? 5/None

How long have you been
riding? 25 years/Just started

When did you get your first bike? 13 years old/29 years old

How many miles did you ride this year? 14,500/None

How many states have you ridden in? 48/None

Hobbies: Blues Music, Ararat Shrine/Football, Basketball

Tattoo: Forearm-Scorpio, Shoulder-Jester/Back-Cat, Hip-Panther

Favorite Motorcycle Trip: Canada & New York/Don't know yet

Favorite Bike Night? F.O.G. and Russo’s because they both have music and most of the riders are riders with true stories/I’ll find out in a couple months!

What trips do you have planned this year? Monterey California, Sturgis South Dakota, Springfield Missouri H.O.G. rally, Fayetteville Arkansas, Steel Pony Express-New Orleans Louisiana/Sturgis South Dakota and Fayetteville Arkansas

Pet Peeves: Waiting in lines/(both said) being told what to do

What City do you live in? Lake Tapawingo/Grain Valley

Marital Status:
Been living with Reva for 21 years so I guess we are soul mates for life!/Single

Happy Father’s Day, Cycle Connections Dads!

Just before going to press Jerry's bike arrived.