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Who are the Southern Cruisers?

Written by  September 20, 2003

No dues…no meetings…sound great? It did to me! I first met up with the Kansas City Chapter of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club (SCRC) this spring. Through the recommendation of a good friend and current club member, I decided to ride with the group a few times to get a better feel for who they were and what they were about.

Before my first ride, I decided to check out their web site to see what information I could find. Before I knew it, I’d spent over an hour reviewing their membership requirements, reading their club history, and scanning through an endless list of interesting forum topics.

As it turns out, SCRC was started four years ago in Memphis, Tennessee when club founder, Rick Perry, got a few people together to share the thrill of motorcycling. The club has now grown into an international organization with over 22,000 members in the US, Canada, Czech Republic and the Philippines. SCRC is a family oriented club where all bikes are welcome. There are no membership dues, no meetings, and as long as you follow the rules of the road for safe group riding, you are welcome to join. Simply put, this is a club for people who love to ride and don't want to deal with the membership dues and the politics you find in many clubs and organizations.

The Kansas City Chapter of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club is led by 1st Officer, Sam 'BadDadSam' Luttrell, and 2nd Officer, Ray 'Shark' Roberts, who go out of their way to encourage member participation and to ensure that every ride is both fun and safe. During the riding season, there is one official ride scheduled each weekend, and rotates between a north, south, east, and west starting point. Talk about convenient! There are also numerous smaller rides during the week, which are organized and communicated through their online forums. The forums are an excellent way to stay in touch with fellow members, seek information and advice, and to voice your opinion on various topics of interest.

Needless to say, I joined their fine riding club and have enjoyed many great rides. I also share in their motto, “It’s all about the camaraderie of riding.” Make sure to check out the Southern Cruisers Riding Club – Kansas City Chapter. You won’t be disappointed!


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