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Behind the Scenes with Regina

June 30, 2008
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Our July 2008 cover model is Regina from Oak Grove, Missouri. Along with modeling, she is a real estate broker and a student in medical transcription. Regina's ambition is to be successful in everything she does and to be a great mother to her unborn child that is due November 29, 2008. Regina told us she has always wanted to be a mom and is finally getting the opportunity.
Regina's hobbies include sewing, and a couple of years ago she started making diaper bags for her friends who were having babies. Regina went on to say 'Now I get excited when one of my friends tells me that they are pregnant so I can make a customized diaper bag for their new little one that includes the baby’s name.'
When asked about turn-Ons, Regina told us 'My husband - he is the perfect guy! Everything from his personality to his kind-hearted nature.' On the flip-side she told us unreliable people are a big turnoff. Regina also shared with us that she's a sucker for clothes, shoes, and purses.
Regina describes her personality as always being uplifting and positive and went on to say 'My philosophy is to always look up, not down, look forward, not back, and look out, not in.'
When asked if she rides motorcycles, Regina said 'I do not ride but my parents and husband do. My husband has ridden for the past ten years and my parents have just recently started riding. I have only ridden on the back and I really enjoy it.'
We asked Regina to tell us about her tattoos, and asked her which her favorite is. She said 'I have seven tattoos- three on my feet and four on my back. My favorites are the two butterflies I have on my lower back which represents two out of three miscarriages I have had in the past year. I plan on getting another butterfly sometime after I have my baby to represent the three babies I lost.' Her favorite tattoo artist is Denny at Icon Tattoos in Blue Springs. 'He is a great tattoo artist and would recommend him to anyone wanting a tattoo.'
Interview by Mike Schweder
Photos by Paul 'Luc Chokota with Reflections by Paul Photography.

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