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Behind the Scenes with Katy

December 27, 2016
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Our January 2017 cover model is Katy from Edwardsville, Kansas. She is a bartender and dancer, and one day hopes to own her own horse stables. In her spare time Katy enjoys riding horses and playing poker. Katy told us her turn-ons are “A good smile!” On the flipside, she admits that chewing (tobacco) is a big turnoff. When asked to describe her personality, Katy said “I’m a little shy at first, but a very happy, easygoing, fun person.” She’s also been told that her best attribute is her smile.

Also, make sure to check out the behind the scenes photos and video from our January 2017 cover shoot, as well as the specs and photos of this awesome 1917 Harley-Davidson Model B, which is owned by Mark Kozak.

We also want to thank Cilla and Jim (owners), Jenny (hair), and Alyssa (makeup) at Chop Tops – A Hair Company in Westport for the incredible job they did to help transform Katy into a beautiful1917-era pinup model. Also make sure to check out our Chop Tops Business Review to find out more about this one-of-a-kind hair salon!

Just for fun, we asked Katy to share some of her favorite things with our readers:

Favorite color: Purple

Favoite food: Wings

Favorite drink: (non-alcoholic): Root Beer

Favorite drink: (alcoholic): Malibu-Pineapple

Favorite restaurants: Knub’s Pub in Shawnee, Kansas

Favorite actor: Matthew McConaughey

Favorite actress: Olivia Wilde

Favorite TV show: Vampire Diaries.

Favorite movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite song: At the moment, it’s Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader.

Do you have pets? Yes, I have a horse named Toxic, a dog named Earl, and a cat named Brat.

Do you ride? Yes, I’ve been riding for about two years. I have a 2012 Honda CBR 250.

What is your most memorable riding experience? I don’t really have one.

What is your least memorable riding experience? The first time I got caught in the rain sucked!

Do you prefer riding in a group or by yourself? I like riding in a group because it’s more fun!

Which motorcycle rallies and events have you attended? I like going to the Kobie’s Bike Show.      

Do you have a favorite bike night location? Yes, I like Kobi’s Bar & Grill in Bonner Springs, Kansas. I’m also the reining mudwrestling champion there.     

Please tell us about your tattoo? I have three, and my favorite is the one on my shoulder, which is a bible verse my best friend really liked.  

So what’s your favorite motorcycle magazine? Cycle Connections,of course!

Thank you for the interview Katy!

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photos by Dick Carlson with Carlson Digital Photography


Hair by Jenny at Chop Tops

Makeup by Alyssa at Chop Tops


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