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Behind the Scenes with Hannah

February 28, 2010
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Our March 2010 cover model is Hannah from Sibley, Missouri. Along with modeling, she is a welder. Yes, that's right…just like in the movie Flashdance. Hannah's ambitions include owning her own welding shop and doing more with her artwork.
Hannah's hobbies include drawing, painting, welding, playing volleyball, partying, and she loves doing anything fun and outdoors. We asked Hannah about turn-ons, and she said 'A hot car, a big truck or a badass bike.' She also told us that people who are going nowhere in life is a big turnoff. Hannah also confessed that she's a sucker for a cute sweet guy.
Hannah describes her personality as fun loving, hard working and very social but down to earth. She also told us that people think her work ethic is her best attribute. 'I will not let myself fail at anything.'
Just for fun, we asked Hannah to share some of her favorite things with our readers:

Favorite color: Blue.

Favorite food: Mexican.

Favorite restaurant: Brio’s Tuscan Grill.

Favorite actor: Mark Wahlberg, Johnny Depp and Paul Walker.

Favorite actress: Keira Knightley, Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba

Favorite TV shows: I don’t watch much TV, but I do like CSI and Ace of Cakes.

Favorite movie: That one’s hard because I like movies, but one of my favorites will always be Titanic.

Favorite artist or band: Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks, George Straight, Tim McGraw.

Favorite song: Fishin’ in The Dark by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Do you have pets? Sadly no, but as soon as I can I’m getting a German Shepherd.

Do you ride? Do four-wheelers count?

Do you own your own bike? No, but someday I will.

What is your dream bike? A Yamaha R6. I can touch the ground on them and I like the way they look.
Do you have any tattoos? Yes. I have four tats. One on my wrist, two on my upper arm, and one on my lower stomach. I think my favorite is the one on my wrist. It’s in memory of my little brother who passed on.

Who is your favorite tattoo artist? Chris Garver from Miami Ink. He’s an awesome tattoo artist! I got to meet him and got a signed picture from him.

Hannah; thank you for the great photo shoot and for taking the time for this interview.

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photo by Photos by Michael Blomberg with Main Street Photography (816) 830-6363

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