Cover Models

Cover Models

Behind the Scenes with Katy

December 27, 2016
Our January 2017 cover model is Katy from Edwardsville, Kansas. She is a bartender and dancer, and one day hopes to own her own horse stables. In her spare time Katy enjoys riding horses and playing poker. Katy told us her turn-ons are “A good smile!” On the flipside, she admits that chewing (tobacco) is a big turnoff. When asked to describe her personality, Katy said “I’m a little shy at first, but a very happy, easygoing, fun person.” She’s also been told that her best attribute is her smile.

Behind the Scenes with Angie

November 29, 2016
Angie from Shawnee, Kansas is our December 2016 cover model. She’s a veterinary technician and is also a yoga instructor. Someday Angie wants to open her own yoga studio, and she also hopes to establish a non-profit organization for at risk youths. In her spare time Angie enjoys boxing, yoga, weight lifting, boating at Lake of the Ozarks, water and snow skiing, dancing, modeling, riding on motorcycles, and really anything outdoors.

Behind the Scenes with Hollie

October 31, 2016
Our November 2016 cover model is Hollie from Wellsville, Kansas. She’s a vet tech at Spring Hill Vet Clinic, and has several animals of her own. “I have a dog I adopted right out of high school, whose name is Cleo. She’s a Pitbull mix, who I take to hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and I just recently adopted a Mastiff, who’s at least 120 pounds, but she’s a big baby. I also have a couple geckos.”

Behind the Scenes with Hailey

September 30, 2016
Our October 2016 cover model is Hailey from Leavenworth, Kansas. Her ambitions are to be a photographer and graphic artist, and would like to live in a beautiful location such as Texas or Florida with her little family. Hailey’s hobbies include photography, graphic design, and playing with her daughter. Hailey told us her turn-ons are “Beards, tattoos, oh…and of course motorcycles!” She also admits that she’s a sucker for “A chubby guy with tattoos, a beard, and a sexy motorcycle.”

Behind the Scenes with Michelle

August 31, 2016
Michelle from Independence, Missouri is our September 2016 cover model. She is an executive assistant, and her ambitions include traveling the world. Michelle’s hobbies include cooking, creating craft cocktails, drawing, and reading. Michelle told us her turn-ons include “A man who knows his whiskey, a nice smile, chivalry, fast cars, and sexy bikes.” On the flipside, she also told us that “Smokers, Affliction clothing, cheap beer, and a lack of confidence” are big turnoffs. Michelle also admits that she’s a sucker for bad boys. When asked what the smartest thing is she’s ever done, she said “Loving myself.” She also…

Behind the Scenes with Brianna

July 31, 2016
Our August 2016 cover model is Brianna from Lee’s Summit, Missouri. She is paediatric dental assistant, and her ambitions include traveling to different places around the world and to have a family. Brianna’s hobbies include shooting guns, fishing, playing softball, and relaxing outside or at the pool. She admits that she’s a sucker for food and Mountain Dews, and describes her personality as “Outgoing, sarcastic, and friendly. When asked what the smartest thing is that she’s ever done, Brianna said “Dating my best friend!” On the flip-side, she admits that “Thinking Hawaii is closer in distance to Missouri than California”…

Behind the Scenes with Patience

May 31, 2016
Patience from Warrensburg, Missouri is our June 2016 cover model. She is custodial worker for the Lee’s Summit School District, and her hobbies include playing soccer, baking, drawing, painting, making dream catchers, and walking her dog. Patience also admitted that she’s a sucker for animals, and said “I want every animal as a pet.” She describes her personality as “Outgoing, open, and laid back.” We asked Patience how she got her name and she said “I actually got my name from my mom, who is a big Guns & Roses fan, so I got my name from the song Patience.”

Behind the Scenes with Kathleen

April 30, 2016
Our May 2016 cover model is Kathleen from Overland Park, Kansas. For those of you who are long-time readers, you may recognize Kathleen as our August 2013 cover model. She is currently an office manager and head paralegal. When asked about hobbies, Kathleen said “I love anything the outdoors, such as hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, and of course riding motorcycles!”

Behind the Scenes with McKenzie

March 30, 2016
McKenzie from Warrensburg, Missouri is our April 2016 cover model. She is currently a student, and has ambitions to be a social worker and to work with domestic violence victims. When asked about hobbies, McKenzie told us she enjoys softball, modeling, four-wheeling, fishing, and hiking with her dogs.

Behind the Scenes with Melissa

February 28, 2016
Melissa from Platte City, Missouri is our March 2016 cover model. She is currently a nurse, and does in-home care. Melissa is passionate about emergency medicine and is attending school at UMKC to get her paramedic license. She recently got her EMT and is looking for a job on a fire truck or ambulance.Therefore, Melissa’s main ambition is to be a paramedic and first responder. When asked about hobbies. I work and go to school almost every day, seven days a week, but I love reading. I read a lot, so that would be my biggest hobby.” Melissa also mentioned…

Behind the Scenes with Ally

January 31, 2016
Our February 2016 cover model is Ally from Weston, Missouri. She is the owner of Mixologist Girls, and is also a bartender at Shooters and Neon Wild. Ally’s ambitions include owning her own coffee shop. Her hobbies include art, snowboarding, and spending time with her kids.

Behind the Scenes with Brittany

December 22, 2015
Brittany from Blue Springs, Missouri is our January 2016 cover model. Brittany is an insurance agent with ambitions to travel the world, start her own business, and build her dream home. Her hobbies include working out, crafting, snowboarding, and spending time with her family.

Behind the Scenes with Michelle

November 30, 2015
Our December 2015 cover model is Michelle from Olathe, Kansas. She’s been in the car business for about 20 years, and works at Midwest Auto Group, LLC. Michelle has done a lot of work with Biker Beauties Magazine and has worked with various photographers. When asked about hobbies, she told us “I enjoy taking part in various charities, I love to dance, model, run, take road trips my husband, and debating (ha-ha). I also read a lot, and I’m a total biology geek. Who knew, right? Being a lifetime learner, I enjoy spending time with my children, and I love…

Behind the Scenes with Lynda

October 30, 2015
Lynda from Overland Park, Kansas is our November 2015 cover model. She is a reimbursement specialist, and when asked about her ambitions, Lynda said “To buy a house, get married, and then have another baby.” Lynda’s hobbies include flathead fishing, working out, scuba diving, and attending car shows. When asked about turn-ons, she said “A guy with ambitions, a good sense of humor, a gentleman, tattoos, confidence, and a family guy.” On the flipside, she told us “Being too ornery; there’s a limit. Also someone who is disrespectful, has bad hygiene, and is negative” is a big turnoff.

Behind the Scenes with Anna

September 27, 2015
Our October 2015 cover model is Anna from Kansas City, Missouri. She is the assistant manager for a local restaurant, and when asked about her ambitions, Anna said “To be the best parent possible!” Anna’s hobbies include watching her kids play baseball, riding, and anything outdoors. When asked about turn-ons, she said “A tall guy with a good personality.” On the flipside, she told us “A guy that is all about himself” is a big turnoff.

Behind the Scenes with Sabrina

August 29, 2015
Sabrina from Holden, Missouri is our September 2015 cover model. She is a Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA), and when asked about ambitions, Sabrina said “To motivate my children to become successful adults.” Sabrina’s hobbies include ballet, painting, and playing with her children. When asked about turn-ons, she said “A man who can treat a lady like a lady!” Sabrina also admitted that she’s a sucker for a handsome smile.

Behind the Scenes with Stephanie

July 29, 2015
Our August 2015 cover model is Stephanie from Grain Valley, Missouri. She is a makeup artist and project manager, and told us her ambitions include making music for video games, owning a Holistic/Med Spa, and doing makeup for New York Fashion Week. Stephanie’s hobbies include makeup artistry, writing, singing, playing music, dancing, and yoga.

Behind the Scenes with Brandie

June 30, 2015
Brandie from Eudora, Kansas is our July 2015 cover model. Brandie is a bartender and model, and she told us her ambition incluiding getting her master's degree in accounting and being the first Victoria Secret model with tattoos. Brandie’s hobbies include fishing, hunting, riding, shooting her bow, and anything outside. When asked about turn-ons, she said “Cowboys!” On the flipside, Brandie told us that cocky men are a huge turnoff.

Behind the Scenes with Melissa

May 29, 2015
Our June 2015 cover model is Melissa from Lee’s Summit, Missouri. For those of you who are long time Cycle Connections readers, you may recognize Melissa from her from her November 2013 cover. Melissa is a bartender, and told us her hobbies include “Running to burn off my crazy!” When asked about turn-ons, she said “Being spontaneous and funny!” On the flipside, Melissa told us that people with bad breath is a turnoff. She also admits that she’s a sucker for ice cream and being surprised.

Behind the Scenes with Jessica

April 30, 2015
Jessica from Greenwood, Missouri is our May 2015 cover model. She works in a pharmacy, and her ambitions include becoming a full-time model. When it comes to hobbies, Jessica told us that she enjoys playing the violin, singing, and modelling.
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