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Interview with Gail Worth

January 31, 2006
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Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles has been building customized motorcycles since 1999 in their Loveland, Colorado, factory. The company expects to produce more than 1,400 bikes this year and currently offers the Sterling RM featured in February issue of Cycle Connections and three other models. A high percentage of the components utilized in each Thunder Mountain motorcycle are Harley-Davidson products, including major components such as engines, transmissions, and electronics. However, Harley-Davidson and Thunder Mountain are not affiliated in any way. Gail’s Harley-Davidson in Grandview, Missouri, is the exclusive Thunder Mountain dealership in the Kansas City Region. I recently talked with Gail Worth, the dealership's owner, about Thunder Mountain.

CC: Gail, how does Thunder Mountain fit into your dealership's sales program?
Gail: I wanted to sell customs because I believe there is a market demand to be met. It was important to me to find custom bikes that our customers could rely on. Eric who works in our sales department came to me and recommended Thunder Mountain because they are made mostly with Harley-Davidson components. Eric had heard lots of good reports about Thunder Mountain, and he suggested I give them a call.

CC: How long ago was your first contact made?
Gail: It was a little over a year ago. I first met with them at the Harley Dealers' meeting in January. After that I took a tour of their factory.

CC: On Thunder Mountain's website and in their advertising, the name Harley-Davidson appears frequently. I know that Harley is very protective of their trademark, so they must be impressed with Thunder Mountain.
Gail: Absolutely! The fact that Harley allows that is a huge compliment. That made Thunder Mountain a natural fit in our Harley dealership. The bikes look like highly customized Harleys, and they are rideable and dependable.

CC: Have they sold well?
Gail: It's been fabulous! They have sold very well, and it's very easy for us to provide service as well, since many of the components are Harley-Davidson made.

CC: Anything elase you would like to say?
Gail: Just that we are pleased to offer Thunder Mountain custom motorcycles as the exclusive dealership in the Kansas City regaion, and we encourage people to come by and see them.

CC: Thanks, Gail.

Story by Stripe
Photo courtesy of Gail's Harley-Davidson

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