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29 Dreams Motorcycle Resort - Vandiver, Alabama

Written by  July 31, 2005

So you want to plan a beautiful, scenic trip on your bike. One that would challenge your riding skills a little, with some mountains, curves, bends and twists. And one that would end up at a warm, inviting resort, just waiting to fulfill your and your bike’s every need!

If you think a place like that doesn’t exist, think again!

If your trip planning takes you anywhere near the Birmingham or surrounding area in Alabama, you need to check out 29 Dreams Motorcycle Resort. Five years ago, Tim Langley and his wife Kathy had a dream (get it?), to open a resort that would be a place for the motorcycle rider to go and meet up with friends, eat, and spend the night, without the hassles that sometimes come with traveling on your motorcycle.

That’s right; I used “resort” and “motorcycle” in the same sentence. Because this place was not only built for bikers, by a biker, they actually cater to the riders.

Back in August of 2000, Tim and Kathy came upon a piece of property for sale at the foot of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains consisting of 29 acres. And after years of being made to feel unwelcome at most establishments, just as so many of us who ride motorcycles have in the past, they decided to take this 29 acres and one old red barn with a loft and turn it into the warm, inviting oasis for bikers that we’ve all been waiting for! Kathy’s dad Pat Ciandella also came on board with them and now enjoys helping out. Everyone enjoys having him around as well! Whether you’re just looking for a day trip, or planning to spend a night or two, this is the place to be!

The main gathering hub is located front and center of the property in the old red barn, which, after taking the wood off the outside and using it for the inside walls, along with many other changes, was transformed into this great lodge where you can quench your thirst with some of the coldest beverages in town from their fully stocked bar. Or, if you’re hungry enough to eat the hide off your seat, they can fix that too. They serve three meals daily with dinner specials Friday and Saturday nights. And guys, they have a huge killer burger and a nachos plate big enough to share.

Enough about the excellent food. Now that you’re full, the only problem is figuring out whether you should go upstairs and work off some of that food at the pool table or at the dart boards or do you just want to go “veg” out in front of the big screen TV in one of the huge black wood and leather rockers or on one of the sofas. Or wait, those rockers out on the porch look pretty inviting too.

There are also several picnic tables outside and there is another bar out there for those emergency beers that may be needed as soon as you step out of the saddle. For those who just wish to chill, there are a few swings and tables nestled amongst the trees. There is also a very large pavilion where you can find Jeff Gailey and the band playing most weekends.

Not bad considering that Tim and Kathy were serving Cokes out of a cooler at the red barn when they opened the place in 2000. They did put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it during the winter of that year. Tim said that they started with getting “running water”! And by the time they officially opened May 26, 2001, they had added a cedar bath house with five very private, air-conditioned bath suites. It too has a large porch on it.

There is a large barbeque pit for gathering around to tell stories of rides back in the day.
A unique aspect of the property is they built seven cozy log cabins and made several beautiful tent-only camping spots for those who just threw a few things and a tent on the back of their bike and got the hell out of town. For those who didn’t bother to pack the tent before they left, don’t worry—Tim and Kathy will make sure you are well taken care of. They have a getaway package you can purchase where they will rent you a tent, set it up for you, supply sleeping bags, pillows, and towels. They will even bring you firewood and start a fire for you. Cabins come with one double bed and bunk beds. Pillows, linens, and towels are included. If you call ahead, they will even have a cooler full of ice cold beer waiting on you in your cabin when you get there.

There is a wonderful little stream that flows all through the property, which makes for a nice, leisurely stroll through the woods around the camping area. Tim also had another smaller red barn built that he leases to Bob Foreman, who sells apparel, accessories, helmets and such—all the little things you might need. Just this year, they added a “Moto-Shop” that he leases to Roger Bates, who will be there to help you with all of your mechanical needs that might arise. All of the staff are very friendly; they will come track you down outside to bring you your food. Anything you might need, they are there to try and get it for you.

Come discover for yourself the treasure that so many have already found right here in Vandiver, Alabama. With 29 acres to spread out on, Tim and Kathy say they have plenty of room for growth, so there’s no telling what kind of good treats they have in store for us in the future. A lot of the motorcycle events already incorporate 29 Dreams Motorcycle Resort in their itinerary.

If you ride a bike, you’re welcome here. This IS your place! So come, kick off your boots and relax with your friends, or come and make some new ones!

You can find 29 Dreams Motorcycle Resort at:
P.O Box 29 53707 State Hwy. 25-Vandiver Alabama 35176
Office Phone:(205)-672-0309/Fax(205)-672-8628

For additional directions or a map, see 29 Dreams Motorcycle Resort’s business information page and click the Map/Directions button.

By Lynn Reynolds and
Leigh Lilly - Birmingham, Alabama


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