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MidAmerica PowerSports Plus

Written by  March 31, 2005

MidAmerica PowerSports Plus
(MAPSP) is a full service
dealership for all makes of motorcycles and most years and models. Their franchised
brands are MZ and KYMCO.
MAPSP is a corporation owned by four partners and has been in
business at 9909 E. Hwy 40 since April of 2004. In late 2003, Curtis and Paula
Fisher approached Dan and Rosanne Prindle, owners of D&R Cycle Repair in
Lee’s Summit, Missouri about a merger with MAPSP and the partnership began in
January 2004. In the first year of operation, the team of MAPSP is raising the
bar in Power Sports services and customer satisfaction. They are the first in
many areas of services in the Kansas City area.

Racing: They
a proud sponsor for the LARace Endurance Team running an MZ 1000S in the WERA
Endurance Championship.
Bike Event Sponsors for:
• Bikers for Babies
• Habitat for Humanity
• National Bikers Roundup
Certified Pre-Owned Motorcycles
They carry all types of used
bikes and specialize in Certified Pre-Owned Sport Bikes and Cruisers. Each used
bike gets evaluated for mechanical soundness and cosmetics against the following:
1. Compression Test
2. Leak-Down Test
3. Valves Checked/Adjusted
4. Spark plugs, air and oil filters, engine and/or transmission oils are replaced
5. Factory Pro EC997 Dynamometer Tuned
6. Oil/liquid cooling systems are inspected and maintenance performed if necessary
7. Suspension systems are evaluated and repaired if worn or leaking
8. Brakes are checked and replaced if more than 50% worn
9. Tires replaced if greater than 40% worn
10. Custom jury-rigs are removed and replaced with stock parts, if dented or
crashed, parts are normally painted as new or replaced entirely. Cosmetically
the bike is put back to as-new stock condition if possible.

All of their Certified Pre-Owned bikes come with a 6 month nose-to-tail warranty.
They strive to keep it simple, so the only stuff they don't cover is tires or burnt
clutches (you can smell them), cosmetic or environmental damage, and they cover
the brake pads to 5000 miles (if the pads wear out, they will change them without
charge). Besides these minor disclaimers, everything else is covered. Light
bulb goes out? Bring it in, and they'll replace it immediately. Transmission problems?
Chain worn? They will repair or replace any systems or parts as quickly as they
can be obtained.
Tires - Parts and Accessories
MAPSP can order any stock
part for your bike or ATV and they have many maintenance parts in-stock already.
For you Horse Power Folks they can order any kind of performance accessories/packages
and bundle those with an installed price and Dyno Test/Tuning unmatched by any
other shop in town!
They carry full lines of Woman
and Men’s riding gear/apparel at the best sale prices in town. Their kids
dirt riding gear is a huge selection at low prices! They also have a “Trade
Up” program in place for kids gear that will allow you to trade that new
gear that your boy/girl has hardly worn (but since grown out of), for credit
towards new gear.
Service Center
Dan Prindle runs the Service and
Performance Center and with over 30 years in the business of high performance
tuning, he is the man to see for both your service and performance needs.
Maintenance Center

• Complete rebuilds
with a full year warranty
• Machining

• Fork rebuilding
and servicing
• Boring

• Shock installs

• Honing

• Exhaust system
• Valve Jobs

Chain and sprocket installs
• Welding

• Steering damper
• Fabrication

• Brake and clutch
• Race bodywork

• Tire mounting
and balancing

Racebike preparation

• Oil changes


Performance Center

Diagnostic Dynamometer
Step Test with 4-gas EGA

Sport ATV’s

Two Stroke (ATV &

Power Commander Tune

Suzuki - Teka Tuning


1 to 4 cylinders
+$200 to $700 to any
of the above



are Sagem ECU’s that are tuned with Tune-Boy Software and require
purchase of a key that belongs to your machine alone. Tuning takes a week
and the key must be pre-paid.


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