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Kim Suter’s KC Creations & Big Dog Motorcycles of Kansas City

Written by  December 31, 2004

Although he might not receive quite as much press as Jesse James, Billy Lane, Indian Larry or the feuding Teutuls of Orange County Choppers, Kansas City is home to one of the most talented up-and-coming bike builders in the industry; Kim Suter of KC Creations.

When you are able to launch your own brand of motorcycles, host your own radio talk show, be featured in numerous motorcycle magazines and publications, and are invited to be part of the Easyriders® Centerfold Tour for two years running, you must be doing something right!

On Thursday, December 23, we had the opportunity to do an exclusive photo shoot of Kim’s new 2005 Custom Big Inch Bike for our January 2005 cover page. This beautiful bike will debut at the Pomona, California show in January, and will be part of the 2005 Easyriders® Centerfold Tour. After the photo shoot, we talked with Kim and his wife, Cheryl to find out a little more about them and their successful business.

As it turns out, Kim and Cheryl Suter have been riding motorcycles since they were kids. Kim bought his first Harley as a senior in high school and immediately began “tinkering” with it. It wasn’t long before Kim's buddies started bringing their bikes to Kim any time they needed a wrench.

In 1986, Kim took his Softail Custom to Sturgis, and as he was leaving one of the bars, noticed there were several other Softail Customs parked next to his bike. He also noticed the only real difference between his bike and the others was the license plate and the paint. This was a major turning point in Kim’s life, because at that moment, he decided it was time for things to change.

Kim and Cheryl's strong business background comes from 19 years in the family gasoline business where Kim was Vice President and General Manager. As the years went on, motorcycles were taking up more and more of his time, so in 1995, with $35,000 in capital, two motorcycles in inventory, and a mission statement “To build the trickest bikes possible, with the highest quality components, at a reasonable price,” Kim left the family business and KC Creations was born.

For their first store, Kim and Cheryl converted a conveyor car wash building into an 800 square foot showroom. Within three years, they had outgrown their modest little shop, so in 1998 they moved to a 6,000 square foot facility in Merriam, Kansas, where they had a larger retail showroom and plenty of room for service work. Kim and Cheryl thought this would be their last move, however, with all the hard work they put into making their business a success, within three years, they had outgrown the facility once again and were in need of an even larger facility so they could expand. In January of 2001, after much thought and research, KC Creations moved to its current location, which is conveniently located at Interstate 35 and 75th Street in Overland Park, Kansas. According to Kim and Cheryl, they’re hoping to stay put.

Even though they may not be moving their business anytime soon, their business is definitely moving in the right direction. Always in search of the highest quality products and merchandise, and to stay on the cutting edge of the industry, KC Creations launched a new custom/production bike series; Big Inch Bikes Mfg.

All Big Inch Bikes come standard with quality components and have several options and upgrades from which you can choose to further customize your ride. Big Inch Bikes are NADA and Kelly Blue Book listed and can be fully financed and insured. The line of Big Inch Bikes includes the following six unique models that cover the gamut of motorcycle style:

2-Lo Magnum (Pro-Street Styling)
VRK V-Rod Killer (Ten-Second Street Bike)
Saturday Nite Special (Rigid or Softail Frame)
Top Gun Chopper (Softail Frame)
Enforcer (Rigid or Softail Frame)
Alley Sweeper (Rigid or Softail Frame)

In addition to the Big Inch Bikes, KC Creations is a factory authorized dealer for Big Dog Motorcycles. In fact, Big Dog Motorcycles of Kansas City is the eighth largest Big Dog dealer in the nation. If you’re in the market for a Big Dog, now is a great time to take advantage of their 2004 Model Closeout Sale, where you can get a $3,000 rebate and $0 down/120 month financing!

Can you say service, parts, paint and apparel? KC Creations has a highly trained staff to service all brands of bikes, and their parts department offers a huge selection of high performance and custom parts. Their in-house painter and artist, Scott Thomas, is one of the Midwest's most prestigious painters. Scott and his talented team will help you design the perfect paint job to go with your new KC Creation, and their shop is also staffed to take care of any touch ups or repairs you may need. If you’re in the market for the latest biker wear, you’ve come to the right place. KC Creations has their own line of T-shirts and outerwear, and offers a full selection of apparel from Biker Trash, Easyriders® and Big Dog.

We asked Cheryl a few additional questions that we wanted to share with you:

CC: What makes your business stand out from other businesses in your industry?
Cheryl: We think we do something that others in our business do not. We build bikes that are very rideable, yet are eye candy to everyone.

CC: What is the biggest challenge in business you have seen in the past few years?
Cheryl: The single most difficult and biggest change for us has been making the transition from a “bike shop” to a franchised dealership.

CC: How do you keep your customers coming back?
Cheryl: We are known to be on the cutting edge of the industry, so we try to have new and innovative products on the floor all the time. This keeps people coming back and the interest in what’s going on in our store is high.

CC: Do you participate in bike shows and other motorcycle events?
Cheryl: Yes, as many as possible. We feel that being out there is the best way to let everyone know what we do.

CC: Do you sponsor or participate in any charity rides or events?
Cheryl: Yes. At this time, our major charity is the Down Syndrome Guild. We sponsor and present “The Ride for Special Children” each year. We give to every group that participates or present rider oriented charity events.

CC: Where do most of your customers come from?
Cheryl: Our customer base is quite varied, as we have extensively marketed our company on a nationwide basis through magazine ads and personal appearances.

CC: What is the biggest change you have seen over the past five years in regards to motorcycling?
Cheryl: The number of women riders, the numbers of everyday people who ride, and how mainstream motorcycling has become. You can hardly go anywhere without making positive comments about the lifestyle.

So if you’re in the market for a custom built Big Inch Bike or are looking for a great deal on a Big Dog motorcycle, look no further than KC Creations. They are open Tuesday through Thursday from 9-6 and Saturday from 9-5 and are located at 7524 Frontage Road n Overland Park, Kansas. You can call them at 913-642-6712 or visit their website at

By Mike Schweder and Wayne Thompson


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