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Lightning Cycle - Taking Kansas City by Storm

Written by  May 1, 2004

Lightning Cycle may be the new kid on the block; however, they are quickly finding their niche in Kansas City's ever expanding motorcycle community. Glen and Jackie Holcomb opened their store in November of 2003, and have been anxiously waiting for the spring riding season so they can shift their business into high gear.
When asked how Lightning Cycle got started, Jackie explained that her and Glen love motorcycles and have always dreamed of opening their own shop. They did their homework, found a high traffic area on North Oak Trafficway with reasonable lease terms, ordered their product, stocked their store, and opened the doors.
When asked how they came up with the name, Lightning Cycle, Jackie credits that to her daughter, Tiffany. 'We were driving down the street trying to think of the perfect name, when Tiffany blurted out 'Lightning Cycle.' Everyone liked the name, and Lightning Cycle was born.'
I asked Jackie what makes Lightning Cycle different from other bike shops, and she said, 'We have great prices, we carry many unique items you won't find in a lot of other stores, we have an awesome custom painter, and we cater to all bikes. We also do everything we can to help customers find hard to get items, such as the 8XL jacket and 10X chaps we're trying to find for a customer. We're also looking for a pair of women's chaps with a 42' inseam.' Glen also told me if a customer doesn't have the tools, time, or know-how to install a part, they can install it for them. To accomplish this, Glen setup a small shop area in the back of the store and has very reasonable shop rates. They install neon lighting, which is becoming very popular, as well as light bars and about anything else you don't feel like tackling on your own.
Chris Cofield does the custom painting for Lightning Cycle, while Jim Cone handles the body prep, finish, and fabrications. Chris has been painting bikes for more than 15 years, and sent me a few samples of his work, which are displayed at the bottom of this article. You also can stop by Lightning Cycle to see more samples of his work.
As much as Glen and Jackie love motorcycles, it came, as no surprise that everyone associated with Lightning Cycle is a true motorcycle enthusiast. Glen rides a 2002 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, Jackie has a 2002 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic trike. Shawn Rhodes, who also works at the shop, rides a beautiful custom painted 2000 Suzuki Marauder, which was painted by Chris. Shawn's bike took first place in the Asian Cruiser class at this year's Kearney Bike show, and photos of his bike are included in the sample photos below (the orange bike with flames and the jester on the rear fender).
Lightning Cycle's grand opening will take place on Saturday, May 22nd, and they have some great promotions going on you won't want to miss. Glen, Jackie and crew are firing up the grill to cook hamburgers and hot dogs and will be featuring lots of great in-store specials. There will also be music and other fun activities going on in the parking lot, so make sure to drop by for some food, fun and fantastic savings!

By Mike Schweder

Photos by Bart


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